Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Man's Newest Trick and Home Tour Tuesday

 He loves to open the drawer under the oven and climb on in!
He does have a hard time getting out though.


The place I go to relax is my bed!
This is normally where you will find me while Little Man is napping!
Yes, I was too lazy to move my sock out of the way and clean up the bedside tables :)

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Happy Tuesday!


Cool Gal said...

My son used to love to sit in the cupboards (drawers pulled out) and play with the pots and pans. So curious. Too cute!

I am laughing out loud at the sock on the floor. Awesome! Your bed looks very cozy and inviting. My mister got me up at 5 today and I couldn't fall back asleep. I'd sure love to crawl in right about now LOL!

Happy Tuesday.

Shannon said...

Love that you left the sock on the floor. That's just perfect! Your linens are beautiful and so cozy! Thanks for linking up, I can always count on you! Love that W is sitting in the drawers and what not. GG does the same darn thing! Those kids are so silly, but gotta love 'em! He's just darling! Have a great day! (Oh and side ?...do all your sisters have names that begin with A?)

Amy Elise said...

Shannon- nope, just the two she loves the most! :)

teacher girl said...

I love your bedding & like everyone else, the sock on the floor, too. I just bought the exact same pair (I think) for my sister. :o) I also love the picture of your little guy & the comment from what has to be your sister, right (Amy Elise?). Funny!!! Reminds me of something I would say. Have a great Tuesday.

Mrs. Werginz said...

I love your bedding!

That's so cute that he climbs in the oven drawer! He couldn't fit in mine...it is stuffed!

The Regal Pup said...

I noticed your bridal portrait instantly! You were a beautiful bride! Have a great day!

Jumping Jack said...

I love your bedding and the color of the walls. So pretty!

I have socks like that lying next to my bed too. My feet get sooo cold at night!

Love the pic of Little Man in the drawer! Jack loves to climb in the cabinets.

Llama said...

Bahahahaaa! That was TOTALLY my brother when he was little! He would also take out all of the pots and spoons to play with! So adorable!
p.s. i love your bead spread its goooorgeous!!

Karen At Home said...

Hi there! Stopping by from Webbisodes link up party. Your bedding looks so inviting, I just love your room!

I also love your new design from Shannon, I just had her design my holiday blog design. She does amazing work!

Have a good night!


flip flops and pearls said...

Thanks for playing along!! I love the sock! Gosh, I am SO SO SO SUPER OCD, I would have removed it in a heart beat! LOL I need to get over that one day:)

Be sure to stop in tomorrow for {semi} wordless wednesday!!

Have a great night.