Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

 Little Man really missed his Daddy this past weekend.  We were driving Daddy's truck, and every time I put him in his car seat, he excitedly screamed, "Dada!!"  And then when I went through the CD's in the disc player, when it got to James Taylor, he started screaming, "Dada!!" again.  Definitely made me smile.  This is the pic Dada took of Little Man before he left.

When we were in Charlotte, I got to meet up with one of my best friend's and her family for lunch.  Little Man really loved her dad!! It was so sweet!  My friend just got engaged and was going wedding dress shopping right after lunch!  I am so excited for her.  Her fiance is awesome, and he is also one lucky guy!  They are getting married on Bald Head Island next year!  

Little Man also got to hang out with his cousins.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all three of them together!

 Little Man and E playing the piano!

 W trying to draw with the Etch-a-Sketch!

This toy has been a big hit with the little ones.  It's two dogs that sing "I Got You Babe."

 Little Man loves to laugh at the dogs while they sing.

And cuddle with them.

Even lay down on them.  

 He also loves to climb in Jack's (the rat terrier's) cage.

E decided she would help him.

 I think she wanted to lock him in there so he wouldn't pull her hair.

"Help me Mama! I'm ready to get out!"

And on Sunday, we went to church.  Little Man is wearing a new outfit!

This is at brunch after church.  I got him a new seat that we can take anywhere! I love it!

Little Man and Aunt Coco!

Grandaddy decided to give Little Man a new do!

With GiGi

He sees Aunt Coco!

Trying to get him to walk.

He was actually having fun!

I know this is a picture overload...and there's more to come tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday!

Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday!


Cool Gal said...

I love looking at the photos. Keep 'em coming!

The first is darling. He looks so excited. I can almost see him clapping his hands.

I love how he cozied up to your friend's dad. That is just too cute.

He's so lucky to have cousins around his age he can visit and play with. One day, when they are all a little more independent, you'll love it! How funny "E" locked him in the cage. That's just too cute!

Looks like he'll be walking in no time. Watch out! LOL...just kidding!

I hope you have a great day!

Shannon said...

Love the picture of W after church...such a little man all dressed up! So cute! Notice anything new where the Blogger B used to be? Surprise! Hehe...okay I promise I'm done now! Have a great Tuesday!

katie said...

He's the most photogenic kid ever!! I love all the pictures...thanks for sharing. My to-do list includes a trip to Bald Head Island...what a great place for a wedding. Anyways, loved this post. Hope today is as great as the weekend was.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love all of these photos! Thanks for sharing! He really does look like he's walking in those pics of C and Daddy. :)

Llama said...

AWWWW! I love how happy little man is with your friends! I also love that little sweater! sooo adorable!

Ashley said...

Such cute pictures! I know you family really enjoys seeing him. That's also nice that he has cousins close in age. Lilly's only one right now is five and a half years older.