Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Message: Challenged by Faith!

Yesterday, I went to the church I grew up in with my family and Little Man.  I love going back to see all of the people who were so important in my life growing up!  Everyone was excited to see Little Man, but the weird part for me was when I had to take him to the nursery.  The past times I have been back, I just brought him into the service with me, but I didn't think he would sit so quietly yesterday.  My parents went in and got us seats while I went to the nursery.  Little did I know, our church has changed so much!  Instead of the room where I thought Little Man would go, there was a brand new building for the children. I was able to quickly find his room, but got pretty emotional on my way back to the sanctuary just thinking how fast time goes by and how quickly things change!

Anyway, the preacher yesterday really brought up a good point that I think everyone should think about!  The question he asked us is, "Does your faith bring about reactions from others?"  In other words, if we just live our lives day to day and no one ever questions us about the way we act or what we do, are we truly living the life Christ has taught us to live?  But if we stand out and are different because of our values and the way we treat people, we will attract others to Christ!  For me, this says that the Christian lifestyle presents an alternative to the world.  It is a way of life that meets the exact needs of the world.  A world where peace, love, and reconciliation reign, rather than greed, coercion, and domination of both people and the environment.

Have a blessed week!



Kitchen Belleicious said...

We talked about this same things in our sunday school class a few weeks ago and it has really stuck with me. We focused on- Do others know the Lord you serve by watching your response to certain people/situations and circumstances or do we look like ever other person. We are Christ's disciples and our light should be shining so bright that others as He says in His word, might glorify Him. I am afraid my light doesn't shine as often as I want it to. Something we all can work on!
Love ya and thanks for the message!

Emily said...

I love your new blog look!

Shannon said...

Another good Monday Morning post...especially important this time of year as the Holiday season approaches. Sometimes the real reason for the Christmas gets so lost with all the commercialism that it's important that we as Christians help remind others what He is all about!

And, isn't it always fun to go back home?

Glad you like the updates, I was hoping you would. Have a great start to the week, A.