Thursday, November 18, 2010

One week til Thanksgiving!

Only one week until we get to visit with family and stuff our faces with wonderful food!! I am so thankful to be close enough to both of our families to be able to celebrate and see both sides!  Our Thankful Turkey is sprouting many feathers and will be full by next week!  I will show y'all the finished turkey when that day comes!

Also, I am SO thankful for my wonderful blog friend Shannon!! You can visit her beautiful blog, Webbisodes, and get to know more about her family and her adorable Gillybean!  She also recently started a blog design and stationery business called Persnickety Pages & More.  I posted about that here!  And if you haven't already noticed, she came back and graciously gave me an even better update!  I was one of her first blog designs, and since she has had more experience now, she decided to come back and give me a little update so that it looked a little cleaner and neater!  She gave me a new header, new button, new tabs, new headings on the sidebar, changed my post title font, and a favicon!  All of this was without asking and just her being generous (and persnickety)!  So please keep her in mind if you need anything for your blog!  She also just posted her beautiful Holiday Cards, so check those out as well!

And here are some pics of Little Man in his new "Christmas pajamas!"

Happy Thankful Thursday!



Emily said...

Where did you get those christmas pjs?!!? They are adorable!

Cool Gal said...

Shannon does very nice work. I love your new look! Love it!

The plaid jammies are just too cute. Does that baby ever cry? Oh my, he always has a smile on his face! :)

It looks like he will be walking very soon. Let the fun begin! Hehehe....Actually, it is pretty cool!

Have a great Thursday, my friend!

Shannon said...

Yay! I love Christmas and everything about it! Including the pjs for the little ones. I just picked GG up a pair the other excited! Can you believe the holidays are here? So much to do! W is adorable and so happy! Good job, Mama!

(Thanks for the mention, it wasn't necessary, but I do appreciate it!)

Have a great Thursday!

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

I love his pajamas they are adorable! I cant believe it is only one week til thanksgiving!!!

The Regal Pup said...

I love old man pajamas for little toddlers. My son just wore some for the first time the other night.

I just hired Shannon to redo my blog! I'm so excited for the finished product. Yours looks great!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

So cute! Still can't get over how long his eyelashes are!!