Monday, January 2, 2012

1 month old! (a little late)

 Baby E turned one month old on Christmas Day!

She is such a wonderful baby.  Our little man cried for the most part of his first six months, so she is easy compared to him! 

She really only cries if something is wrong...gas, hungry, dirty diaper...Other than that, she is content!

She coos a lot, "Ah goo!"  Little Man always gets so excited when she "talks" and he copies exactly what she says. 

She likes to smile at her big brother.

She sleeps up to 5 hours at night (one night she slept 7 1/2 hours...but that was during her first week, and only lasted the one night).

She lost her umbilical cord at 12 days old.

She has always been very alert, and she makes good eye contact.

She drinks a lot...30-32 ounces a day, which is why we call her our little "piglet."

She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces at her two week check-up, but I think she's gained 3 more pounds since then.  We have her two month check up in a few weeks!

She is very much loved by her big brother.

She lights our world!

We love you Baby E!!

27 months old! (a little late!)

 We have had so much going on with a newborn and the holidays, so I am a little behind on posting updates!  Better late than never!

The only picture that I snapped of Little Man on his 27 month "birthday" was actually just a fluke.  We were visiting my family in Charlotte.  My mom, sister #5, and baby E were in the kitchen on our computers, just hanging out.  Little Man was somewhere nearby playing with his trucks.  We could hear his little voice every now and then, but couldn't make out what he was saying.  I knew he was in the foyer, and I knew he was playing with his trucks.  My mom said, "My house is not childproof or poison-proof just so you know!"  So I got up to go check on him.  I went into the foyer and immediately started laughing...hard.  Little Man was pushing his truck out of the foyer at the moment and turned around when he heard me laughing.  This is the lovely picture I got:

All I saw were a bunch of Hershey kisses wrappers all over the floor, and an almost empty candy dish on the table.  My mom heard my laughter, and ran in, and I said, "Hershey kisses!"  My mom was laughing harder than I was, and said, "With Almonds!!"  I screamed!!!  Little Man is allergic to peanuts, and we are supposed to keep him away from nuts altogether until he is 3 for further testing.  Fortunately, we discovered that he is not allergic to almonds, because the only reaction he had was a huge smile on his chocolate-y face!  I counted the wrappers, and he had eaten at least 6 or 7 kisses.  I rarely let him eat anything sweet, let alone pure chocolate!  What a day!

I did get some pictures of him the day before when we were in Greenville celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  

Attempting to take a Christmas card picture with our family :)  A little hard with toddlers!

Other updates for this month:

Little Man is talking in sentences sooo much more, and he likes to answer me in complete sentences.  For example, "W, will you go put this in the sink for me?"  "Yeah, I'll go put it in sink for you."  

He likes to "color," but his favorite things to use are pens because he really likes trying to write his letters and tell me what they are. 

When Baby E was born, we gave her a pacifier, well Little Man (who never would take a paci), decided he wanted one too.  He's not attached thank goodness!

He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his baby sister! He constantly gives her kisses (which led to her first cold), and she's the first person he wants to see when he wakes up or walks in the door.  He doesn't like when she cries!

He loves to watch Sesame Street clips on youtube.  His favorite is Elmo singing the ABCs with India Arie.

He loves looking at Christmas lights!  

One of his favorite things to do is find the moon at night.  He gets so excited when he sees it!

Trucks are still his favorite toy, and he sure got enough for Christmas!

He loves to read books.  His current favorite is "Llama Llama Holiday Drama!"

He still loves to sing.  Current favorites:  Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Set Me as a Seal (a song I sang in high school), You are my Sunshine, and the Carolina (UNC) Fight Song.

He also loves to wear Crocs. They are his favorite shoes by far!