Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh What a Night!

Just have to share this story...

My husband has been out of town in Florida for a meeting for the past few days, but is on his way home tonight.

When W and E woke up from their naps, we went on our daily walk (since the weather has been nice).  My next door neighbor (boy, age 9) decided to go with us.  Fine by me!  It was fun watching him try to keep up with my power walking skills... :)

Well, when we get back home, I park the stroller in the garage and we are just hanging out in the front yard and driveway.  After awhile I decide it's time to go in for dinner.  W walks in the garage and to the door, while my next door neighbor tries on W's jacket and starts walking away.  I tell him to bring back the jacket.  I'm waiting at the edge of the garage.  W decides to try and push the button to close the garage, and he's successful.  I stick my foot under and start waving it around to make the garage go back up.  Well, it doesn't work!  The garage door closes, and there I am with E, stuck outside.  I yell to W to open the garage...push the button again!  But, sometimes it's hard for him.  He decides he can't do it and walks inside (he has recently learned how to open doors!)

So for any normal person this would be an easy fix.  Go get the spare key and walk inside.

I know our key is under the house on one of the rafters.  I don't like to go under the house. I know that my neighbors have been under the house before to get the key.  The neighbor boy goes home and gets his mom.  She and her other two sons come out and they all look for the key.  No one can find it.  I try to call my husband, and he is on a flight and cannot answer!

Meanwhile, W is inside looking out the window at us, and playing on my phone.  He doesn't mind that it's getting dark...he sleeps in pitch black, and the dark doesn't bother him.  When we say, "Go push the button and open the garage!" he says, "No!" in a polite manner.

We call a locksmith...no answer.

Last resort...the police.  After about 10 minutes, the police man gets here.  Very friendly.  He gives us an after hours locksmith number... and then wonders why we haven't hidden a spare key.  I start to think that maybe my husband moved it since our neighbors two doors down got broken into a couple weeks back in broad daylight.

We tell him to look under the house, and he finds the spare key within two seconds.

This whole time I'm more worried about E because it is past her feeding and bed time! She is looking very sleepy but is fortunately not fussy.

The only door we can use it in is the back door (the front door has a glass door on the front that is locked.)

Well, the key won't work.  I usually have to spit on the key to get it to go in the back door (when my garage door opener didn't work, I had to do that).

My other next door neighbor comes over to check on us, and she goes and gets some WD-40.  That works like a charm, and the door is open!  I ask the cop, "Do I need to do anything else?"  He says, "Make sure you know where the spare key is next time!"


Can't believe that happened.  When I got in, I asked W why he wouldn't go open the garage for me, and he just kept repeating, "Unlock the door!" and nodding his head. (which is what we were telling him to do the whole time.)

He managed to set an alarm on my phone and call a few people, but other than that...no harm done.

Oh what a night!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

E-3 months old!

 I miss my kids already... and they haven't even left me!

The hubs and I were watching "Parenthood" last week, and one of the kids is about to go to college.  I about cried thinking about my kids leaving for college.  They grow up so fast.  I know, I know... they are only 2 years old and 3 months old, but that time has flown by!! When I tell people I already miss them, they tell me I'll be wanting to kick them out by the time they are teenagers and then actually leaving for college.  But I'm gonna be "that mom" that follows her kids to school... just kidding!  I would though!

I thought we might be done having kids right after E was born, but now I'm back on my lifelong dream of having at least four!  I've been working on our budget, planning for the next 18-20 years to make sure we can make this work.  I will eventually go back to work so we will be able to save more that way, and I am willing to make every reasonable sacrifice to stay home as long as I can, but go back to work when the youngest is ready for Kindergarten.  We can do it!  I know we can.  I come from a big family, and I want my kids to grow up in a similar fashion...surrounded by loving siblings and parents! 

Okay...back on track!  E turned 3 months old yesterday!  She is absolutely beautiful and wonderful.  I stare at her in amazement everyday wondering how she can be so perfect!  We are truly blessed!

At 3 months old, she is sleeping great!  Don't hate me, but she has been sleeping 12+ hours a night for a few weeks now.  She is still in our room and probably will be until 6 months (because that's considered the best age in helping prevent SIDS).  She sleeps in a long sleeve footie pajama every night and then is swaddled in her sleep sack.  She loves to be bundled up and warm!  We keep our house pretty cool, so I know she doesn't get overheated.  She takes decent naps, but not on any particular schedule yet.

She drinks about 30 oz a day.  6 ounces, 5 times a day.  

She loves to smile and laugh, and she is very friendly.  She will smile at anyone and will let anyone hold her!  I left her in the church nursery again today, but no one was in the room for the Sunday School hour, so she came with me again.

She reaches out and plays with her toys that hang from her swing, playmat, and car seat.  She loves to look at and inspect her hands.  She will hold them far out in fists, and look at them, then bring them really close to her face until she touches her face, and then she jumps!  It's entertaining to watch!

She loves to kick her legs while she's laying around, but not quite as much as her brother did when he was her age.

She loves to suck on her hands now.  She won't really take a paci, and she doesn't suck on her fingers.  She usually just tries to stuff her whole hand in her mouth (even when she's not hungry.)

She loves her big brother.  He is so sweet to her.  Just the other day, she was laying on her playmat and started fussing a little.  W went over, laid down next to her, put his arm around her waist, and said, "It's okay!"  She lights up when he's around her!

She is a very happy and content baby.  I am so thankful for her every second of the day! Thank you Lord for blessing us with two beautiful children.  I will do my best to raise them to serve You in whatever they do!

(Side note:  I caved in and took W to get another haircut.  When I took his "before" picture at home, he wanted to make his "sad" face.  That was completely fine with me because I knew he wouldn't enjoy what was about to happen.  He refused to let her put a cape on him, and she bribed him with Cheez-its to finally let him cut!  Glad it got done though!)

Had to strip him down before we even got back in the car because his hair was all over his clothes!! Head to toe!

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

W-2 years, 5 months old!

 The best thing happened to me this morning.  

My husband had already left for church, and I was in our room changing baby girl's diaper.  Little Man came in from the other room, looked up at me, and said, "You're pretty!" and gave me a huge hug on my leg.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

We are so used to him copying everything we say, and providing him "thoughts" and "sentences."  But this came completely voluntarily and without provocation.  My heart melted, and I immediately bent down and gave him a huge hug.

W has really started talking.  He talks all the time!

He LOVES books!  We read to him every night, usually 3, but sometimes he talks us into reading him more.  Right now, his favorite book is "The Polar Express."  He asks me to read it to him all throughout the day.  Yesterday, I popped in the audio cd that came with the book because I was so tired of reading it, and W had a ball.  He loved hearing the actual train and the conductor's voice.  He really likes to pretend that he's reading too.  He jibber-jabbers and says, "The End!" when he's done.

He also remembers names really well.  At church, we are so amazed at how many names he knows when he sees them, not only his friends, but adults too!  

He has always enjoyed seeing himself in the mirror.  But he is really talking to himself in the mirror now.  He loves the body mirror in our closet.  He stands in front of it and talks for a minute, then says, "Be right back, ok?" "Ok!"  Then he walks away, and walks right back to continue his conversation.  He doesn't like to do this when we're around.  If we catch him, he puts on the cutest "shy" face, and then stops.

I guess I have to add in the bad with the good.  He has definitely hit the "terrible twos!" It doesn't happen all the time or even every day, but knows how to throw a tantrum.  He usually stops when we ignore him and leave the room.  But some of his favorite words have become, "No! Stop it!" while shaking his finger at us.  He immediately gets sent to time-out when it happens, and he definitely hasn't been talking back as much in the past few days.  Fortunately, he is still sweet to his baby sister!

He still loves to sing, and he knows all the words to over 30 songs.  He can also sing the blessing, and say the blessing.  The other night at bedtime, W wouldn't let Dada sing songs to him because he wanted to sing them all by himself. 

Little Man doesn't like to sit still for pictures anymore, but I was able to catch a few this afternoon... His eczema (that he's had since birth) has been under control, thanks to Vanicream, everywhere except his face.  I know the winter has a lot to do with it, but it doesn't look so good!  Hoping this isn't a life-long problem for him!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Throwing in a picture of E because she just looked so adorable this morning for church! (Today was the first day I left her in the nursery for "big church." It was hard for me, but she did great!)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

W's 28 months; E's 2 months!

Big Brother is getting so big!!  He is 28 months old, and he is the best big brother in the world.  Whenever he walks into a room and finds "baby sister,"  he tenses his shoulders up, lets out a squeal, and shouts out her name.  Her face always lights up when she sees him too. She is definitely very smiley!

Big Brother amazes us more and more every day.  We were both flabbergasted to see that he really memorizes the words to his books.  One of his favorites is, "The Happy Man and His Dump Truck."  We can stop anywhere on any page mid-sentence, and he will finish the sentence or even the paragraph!  He loves reading books!  His stellar memory also work on his Thomas the Train book where he has to find pictures on the page.  He has already memorized where every picture is, and it takes us no time to fly through the pages.

Instead of being equipped with crayons like many two-year-olds, W would rather have a pen or pencil.  He likes to try and write letters instead of coloring.  He is getting really good at writing his favorite letter, "W," and also "M."  He loves for us to write letters and have him identify them.  He can spell "stop" and "zoo" as well.  He also likes for us to draw pictures of shapes which he can easily identify, and he knows most of his colors now too.

He likes to make up songs, one of which is "Story Duck."  It's to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and the only words are in the title..."Story story story duck! Story story story duck!" and so on... He laughs and loves to sing this at bed time.  His favorite DVD's to watch right now are of the Cedarmont Kids Christian songs.  While they are incredibly annoying for us parents, he is mesmerized, and if I need to get something done around the house, they work great!  He knows pretty much every word to every song. It's funny to hear him start singing, "Give me that old time religion" randomly!

Some cute things he has done recently:

When we were on our way home from Greenville one day, I had to jump in the backseat to care for E.  So I nestled in between W and E, and W started rubbing my arm and saying, "Hey Precious."  I'm sure he has heard that from his grandmother Bippie, and it was the sweetest thing ever.

One day when we were on a walk, I was pushing him around in his blue car.  He decided to push instead.  We walked past a house where a man was unloading things from his truck.  W said, "Hey! Whatcha doing?"  The man answered.  W said, "I see a cat!"  (Although there was not one in sight.)  I told him to tell the man good-bye.  He said, "Good-bye! Have a good day!"  So friendly and adorable!

He loves to mimic our actions.  He has started folding his arms across his chest and then making a really funny face like he's thinking about something.  The first few times he would try to fold his arms, and ask for help, "Do it Mama! Help me!"  He also wanted help learning how to make a thumb's up! The pig on his favorite show, "Super Why!" does it, and he wanted to learn!

W likes to talk to himself in the mirror, and it is hilarious.  The other day we were walking out the front door to play outside.  He stopped at the front door and looked into the window beside it at himself.  He said, "Wanna go play outside?! Yeah! Okay!"

Baby sister is growing as well!!  At her two month appt, she weighed 13 pounds even (up from 8 lbs, 3 ozs at her 2 week check).  She looks a LOT bigger from one to two months.  She is sleeping great.  Last week she slept 5 nights in a row (10-12 hours without a feeding).  She went from waking twice to not at all.  On the sixth day, she got a cold, and didn't sleep great for a couple nights, but she's working back to it!  I really can't complain.

She is very smiley.  It doesn't take much at all to get a big grin and sometimes even a little laugh out of her!  She loves to eat lots which is why she's so big!!

Sleeping soundly in her Rock N Play 

After we went on a walk!

 She looks just like my sister #4 in this picture!

 Trying on baby sister's headband!

 He always wants to hold her! And then after two seconds, he wants me to turn her around so he can see her!

 Sister #3 and her fiance came to visit us!  They just got engaged last Thursday night!

Playing at Jumping Jax!

Our happy little girl!

Making funny faces with Dada!

Morning time or before bed time...I can't tell!  His hair doesn't look messy enough for this to be morning time!

At cousin Seth's Elmo Birthday party!

We are so blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children.  We thank God for them everyday!