Wednesday, February 1, 2012

W's 28 months; E's 2 months!

Big Brother is getting so big!!  He is 28 months old, and he is the best big brother in the world.  Whenever he walks into a room and finds "baby sister,"  he tenses his shoulders up, lets out a squeal, and shouts out her name.  Her face always lights up when she sees him too. She is definitely very smiley!

Big Brother amazes us more and more every day.  We were both flabbergasted to see that he really memorizes the words to his books.  One of his favorites is, "The Happy Man and His Dump Truck."  We can stop anywhere on any page mid-sentence, and he will finish the sentence or even the paragraph!  He loves reading books!  His stellar memory also work on his Thomas the Train book where he has to find pictures on the page.  He has already memorized where every picture is, and it takes us no time to fly through the pages.

Instead of being equipped with crayons like many two-year-olds, W would rather have a pen or pencil.  He likes to try and write letters instead of coloring.  He is getting really good at writing his favorite letter, "W," and also "M."  He loves for us to write letters and have him identify them.  He can spell "stop" and "zoo" as well.  He also likes for us to draw pictures of shapes which he can easily identify, and he knows most of his colors now too.

He likes to make up songs, one of which is "Story Duck."  It's to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and the only words are in the title..."Story story story duck! Story story story duck!" and so on... He laughs and loves to sing this at bed time.  His favorite DVD's to watch right now are of the Cedarmont Kids Christian songs.  While they are incredibly annoying for us parents, he is mesmerized, and if I need to get something done around the house, they work great!  He knows pretty much every word to every song. It's funny to hear him start singing, "Give me that old time religion" randomly!

Some cute things he has done recently:

When we were on our way home from Greenville one day, I had to jump in the backseat to care for E.  So I nestled in between W and E, and W started rubbing my arm and saying, "Hey Precious."  I'm sure he has heard that from his grandmother Bippie, and it was the sweetest thing ever.

One day when we were on a walk, I was pushing him around in his blue car.  He decided to push instead.  We walked past a house where a man was unloading things from his truck.  W said, "Hey! Whatcha doing?"  The man answered.  W said, "I see a cat!"  (Although there was not one in sight.)  I told him to tell the man good-bye.  He said, "Good-bye! Have a good day!"  So friendly and adorable!

He loves to mimic our actions.  He has started folding his arms across his chest and then making a really funny face like he's thinking about something.  The first few times he would try to fold his arms, and ask for help, "Do it Mama! Help me!"  He also wanted help learning how to make a thumb's up! The pig on his favorite show, "Super Why!" does it, and he wanted to learn!

W likes to talk to himself in the mirror, and it is hilarious.  The other day we were walking out the front door to play outside.  He stopped at the front door and looked into the window beside it at himself.  He said, "Wanna go play outside?! Yeah! Okay!"

Baby sister is growing as well!!  At her two month appt, she weighed 13 pounds even (up from 8 lbs, 3 ozs at her 2 week check).  She looks a LOT bigger from one to two months.  She is sleeping great.  Last week she slept 5 nights in a row (10-12 hours without a feeding).  She went from waking twice to not at all.  On the sixth day, she got a cold, and didn't sleep great for a couple nights, but she's working back to it!  I really can't complain.

She is very smiley.  It doesn't take much at all to get a big grin and sometimes even a little laugh out of her!  She loves to eat lots which is why she's so big!!

Sleeping soundly in her Rock N Play 

After we went on a walk!

 She looks just like my sister #4 in this picture!

 Trying on baby sister's headband!

 He always wants to hold her! And then after two seconds, he wants me to turn her around so he can see her!

 Sister #3 and her fiance came to visit us!  They just got engaged last Thursday night!

Playing at Jumping Jax!

Our happy little girl!

Making funny faces with Dada!

Morning time or before bed time...I can't tell!  His hair doesn't look messy enough for this to be morning time!

At cousin Seth's Elmo Birthday party!

We are so blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children.  We thank God for them everyday!


dee said...

:) They both seem to be adorable. I bet they are.

teacher girl said...

I LOVE everything about this post besides your UNC shirt. You have the cutest kids ever!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful family--even though we've never really "met." :o)