Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh What a Night!

Just have to share this story...

My husband has been out of town in Florida for a meeting for the past few days, but is on his way home tonight.

When W and E woke up from their naps, we went on our daily walk (since the weather has been nice).  My next door neighbor (boy, age 9) decided to go with us.  Fine by me!  It was fun watching him try to keep up with my power walking skills... :)

Well, when we get back home, I park the stroller in the garage and we are just hanging out in the front yard and driveway.  After awhile I decide it's time to go in for dinner.  W walks in the garage and to the door, while my next door neighbor tries on W's jacket and starts walking away.  I tell him to bring back the jacket.  I'm waiting at the edge of the garage.  W decides to try and push the button to close the garage, and he's successful.  I stick my foot under and start waving it around to make the garage go back up.  Well, it doesn't work!  The garage door closes, and there I am with E, stuck outside.  I yell to W to open the garage...push the button again!  But, sometimes it's hard for him.  He decides he can't do it and walks inside (he has recently learned how to open doors!)

So for any normal person this would be an easy fix.  Go get the spare key and walk inside.

I know our key is under the house on one of the rafters.  I don't like to go under the house. I know that my neighbors have been under the house before to get the key.  The neighbor boy goes home and gets his mom.  She and her other two sons come out and they all look for the key.  No one can find it.  I try to call my husband, and he is on a flight and cannot answer!

Meanwhile, W is inside looking out the window at us, and playing on my phone.  He doesn't mind that it's getting dark...he sleeps in pitch black, and the dark doesn't bother him.  When we say, "Go push the button and open the garage!" he says, "No!" in a polite manner.

We call a locksmith...no answer.

Last resort...the police.  After about 10 minutes, the police man gets here.  Very friendly.  He gives us an after hours locksmith number... and then wonders why we haven't hidden a spare key.  I start to think that maybe my husband moved it since our neighbors two doors down got broken into a couple weeks back in broad daylight.

We tell him to look under the house, and he finds the spare key within two seconds.

This whole time I'm more worried about E because it is past her feeding and bed time! She is looking very sleepy but is fortunately not fussy.

The only door we can use it in is the back door (the front door has a glass door on the front that is locked.)

Well, the key won't work.  I usually have to spit on the key to get it to go in the back door (when my garage door opener didn't work, I had to do that).

My other next door neighbor comes over to check on us, and she goes and gets some WD-40.  That works like a charm, and the door is open!  I ask the cop, "Do I need to do anything else?"  He says, "Make sure you know where the spare key is next time!"


Can't believe that happened.  When I got in, I asked W why he wouldn't go open the garage for me, and he just kept repeating, "Unlock the door!" and nodding his head. (which is what we were telling him to do the whole time.)

He managed to set an alarm on my phone and call a few people, but other than that...no harm done.

Oh what a night!



Cool Gal said...

Oh, you poor thing! I am glad everything worked out, though!

It's always something, isn't it?

Samantha said...

Wow! So Scary! I've read two stories recently about kids getting locked in the house with the parent outside... I think I would panic! Way to deal with this so well!