Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I've got too much to say this week to make this wordless!

We've been vacationing for the past two weeks.

First in the beautiful mountains of NC with my family:

View from the deck

Waiting out the thunderstorm

His grandpa set this picture up at Linville Caverns!  Great influence!

Loving his first experience in the pool!

Baby W and Cousin E

The bear at Grandfather Mountain

The six sisters and three grandkids!

Then the HOT beaches of SC with the hubby's family:

Baby W and Cousin S

The hubby's family

Next to Charlotte to visit some friends and family:

My friend C and her Sweet Baby J (we look like we're holding each other's baby!)

My friend J who should be getting a ring soon!

On to Greenville to stay with my Aunt and Uncle before Baby W's surgery:

Their backyard is great for picture taking!

Champ wanting to play fetch with Baby W (who laughed hysterically)

Until Champ barked :(

Surgery Day:

Playing in the crib

Staying entertained with Daddy

Drinking glucose water in the recovery room

Watching the piano play itself in the lobby with both Grandmas and Aunt "Sissy"

The day after surgery...almost completely back to normal!

Warning:  A very long and detailed post about Baby W's surgery is coming soon!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This cute apron could be yours!

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Tuesday's tip for new mamas: The Laundry!

Quick tip for today: Doing the Laundry

If you get lots of baby clothes ahead of time at showers, or passed down from family or neighbors, do all of the laundry before your due date!!  I remember I did about 6 loads of just baby clothes about a week before Baby W arrived, and I was so happy that it was done!  You will of course be doing lots of laundry once your baby gets here, but you will be thankful if you have the initial loads done.

Also, baby clothes are small and they don't take up lots of room, so you can get lots of clothes into one load.  I usually wash Baby W's clothes every Sunday.  The only time I do his laundry more often is if he has really messed up some of his clothes or sheets (and knock on wood, this hasn't happened as often as I thought it might!)

We have used Dreft since Baby W was born, but I hear that the free and clear detergents work just as well. 

Good luck with your loads :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Good luck!

Monday Message: Deliberate Kindness

A woman that had just begun cooking a pie got a phone call from the school notifying her that her son was sick and needed to be picked up.  She only lived a couple blocks from the school, so she knew she had plenty of time to get back before the pie was done.  She went to the school and learned that her son's fever had spiked, and he needed to go to the doctor immediately.  She took him to the doctor where she was given a prescription and was told to get it filled immediately.  She and her son went into the store to fill the prescription and returned to the car to find that the keys were locked inside!  She and her son were lucky enough to find a wire hanger to try and unlock the door, but it didn't work.  She said a prayer that God would send help so that she could get home before her house burned down!  
Just then, a man pulled up on a motorcycle.  He didn't look like the sort of man she would usually ask for help, but he was the only one around.  She said, "Excuse me, but do you know how to unlock a car door with a wire hanger?"  In less than a minute, the doors were unlocked.  
The woman thanked the man for his kindness and said, "You were so kind and helpful.  I just prayed that God would send me some help.  You must be a Christian!"
The man replied, "No.  I just got out of prison two weeks ago."
She said, "Oh, I prayed for help, and God sent me a professional!"

The main message of yesterday's sermon was that many of us have wealth and status in our areas, yet we struggle to give generously.  We were encouraged not only to be generous and kind in situations that just happen upon us (like when we see someone who needs help after falling or someone who is in need of a meal), but we need to be deliberate and intentional in our giving.  Plan to be kind. Plan to be generous. God will reward you in return!

Please pray for my family this morning! As you are reading this, my 9 month old son is having surgery.  Everyone tells me it will be harder on me than it is on him, and I know that's true, but I would still love the extra prayers!! Have a great week! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Great Summer Giveaway!

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My favorites are the OPI nail polish, the beach bag, and the $50 bank card for a pedicure! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogging Break!

I am at the beach for the I am going to take a break from blogging.  I will be back next Monday.  

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Friday!I

My dad is one of those dad's that is really hard to shop for because he already has everything!  So when we ask for suggestions, he usually wants something made by us, from the heart.  So, I will dedicate this blog to my dad!

My dad is truly the best dad in the world.  For most of his life, he has lived outnumbered by girls 7 to 1!  While he tried to get a son, he ended up with six daughters and a loving wife.  We probably didn't make it too easy for him on many occasions, but he has really poured out his love for us in many different ways.

The best memories of spending time with my dad are when he would take us out on "dates." We would get some one-on-one time with him doing whatever we wanted to.  I usually liked to go bowling and out to eat, but a trip to the mall was never far from my mind.  He treated us like we were his only daughter for that night.

Another fun memory was going to "make rounds" with Daddy at the hospital.  We would usually just go with him and end up sitting at the nurses station feeling all important.  I remember playing games on a really old-school computer when I was there, or going into the break room and getting snacks and Tab or Fanta drinks.  

We still all try to take a family trip once a year together.  My parents have been really good about getting everyone together in the same house.  It gets harder and harder as we add husbands and kids to the family, but here we are in the mountains making it work out!  Daddy is always willing to provide for us whenever we are in need.  I love him so much and really appreciate everything he has done for me throughout my life!
Baby W is named after him!! :)

I am so excited about the gift I am getting my dad for Father's Day!! I cannot reveal it yet because my dad has been known to read my blog every once in awhile!  In fact, I ordered his present a few weeks ago, but it hasn't arrived yet.  I am hoping it will be here before next Thursday, which is when I plan on giving the present to my dad.  I will definitely tell you about it after he has received it!  I think you will love it too :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thankful thursday!

Baby W has made me worry since even before he was born.  With my quad screen, I was told that there was a chance he would be born with Down's Syndrome.  After a more in depth ultra sound, they told me it was a very low risk, about a 1 in 900 chance of him actually having Down's.  I really did not let it bother me after the Level 2 ultra sound.  And it was evident when he was born that he did not have Down's.

When the pediatrician checked him out in the hospital, the only thing wrong was that he had an undescended testicle.  She said that it would most likely descend before he turned a year old.  It descended for about two days when he was around 3 months old, but we never saw it again.  We went to a urologist last week and decided we would go ahead and have the surgery to bring it down.  I am glad that this is a problem that can be fixed.  Baby W will be having surgery on June 28th! Please say a prayer for him (and me and my hubby) on that day!

After he was born, we found out he had a partial biotin deficiency.  This is a very rare genetic deficiency.  Fortunately, it is completely treatable by taking a biotin supplement every day for the rest of his life.  We were not happy about having to crush up a vitamin everyday to put in his bottle, but in reality it could have been much worse.

Also, about a week after W was born, we had to take him to get an X-ray because we found a long bruise running behind his ear.  The pediatrician said it is probably just from birth but we should get an X-ray in case of a skull fracture.  Thankfully, there was no skull fracture and the bruise eventually went away.

Today, I am thankful that Baby W is a happy and healthy baby boy. 
He will be 9 months old on Saturday!

~He has recently started pulling up on things, but not quite taking any steps.
~He started sitting up on his own around 5 1/2 months, but is much more stable now.  We don't have to really worry about when he falls over.
~He is trying to start crawling.  He gets on his hands and knees but doesn't really go anywhere.
~He babbles a lot using "dada," "mama," (usually when he's tired), "baba," and he likes to blow raspberries when he's really excited.
~He laughs a lot, and that is my favorite sound in the world!
~He just recently started moving around a lot in his crib, flipping from back to stomach and vice versa.  
~He will go to anyone that puts their hands out.  
~He likes to give kisses to everyone (just putting his face to their face).
~The first thing people notice about him are his cheeks. :)
~He likes to growl at people, and sometimes he likes to squeal.
~He loves wrestling on the bed with his daddy.
~He does not like falling asleep for naps, eating baby food yet, and being up past his bedtime.
~He loves to be outside, bathtime, the rug in our great room, watching cars go by, and light switches.

I am so thankful for my outgoing, chunky, loveable baby boy.  What are you thankful for today?