Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Friday!I

My dad is one of those dad's that is really hard to shop for because he already has everything!  So when we ask for suggestions, he usually wants something made by us, from the heart.  So, I will dedicate this blog to my dad!

My dad is truly the best dad in the world.  For most of his life, he has lived outnumbered by girls 7 to 1!  While he tried to get a son, he ended up with six daughters and a loving wife.  We probably didn't make it too easy for him on many occasions, but he has really poured out his love for us in many different ways.

The best memories of spending time with my dad are when he would take us out on "dates." We would get some one-on-one time with him doing whatever we wanted to.  I usually liked to go bowling and out to eat, but a trip to the mall was never far from my mind.  He treated us like we were his only daughter for that night.

Another fun memory was going to "make rounds" with Daddy at the hospital.  We would usually just go with him and end up sitting at the nurses station feeling all important.  I remember playing games on a really old-school computer when I was there, or going into the break room and getting snacks and Tab or Fanta drinks.  

We still all try to take a family trip once a year together.  My parents have been really good about getting everyone together in the same house.  It gets harder and harder as we add husbands and kids to the family, but here we are in the mountains making it work out!  Daddy is always willing to provide for us whenever we are in need.  I love him so much and really appreciate everything he has done for me throughout my life!
Baby W is named after him!! :)

I am so excited about the gift I am getting my dad for Father's Day!! I cannot reveal it yet because my dad has been known to read my blog every once in awhile!  In fact, I ordered his present a few weeks ago, but it hasn't arrived yet.  I am hoping it will be here before next Thursday, which is when I plan on giving the present to my dad.  I will definitely tell you about it after he has received it!  I think you will love it too :)


prettyface said...

LOL!! This post made me laugh out loud and almost CRY. I'm an ONLY child- and to see 6 beautiful women in your dad's life fills me full of emotion. BAHAH!!! I know, I know....I'm quite the sap sometimes.

That's amazing that you have so many sisters!!

Happy Father's Day to your very handsome dad!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Love all the photos!


Cool Gal said...

Your dad sounds fabulous (Love the one-on-one time.). How wonderful you named your son after him. The pictures are great. I have to chuckle a bit at the one of him and all the women. And I think I'm out numbered! LOL.

Hope your men had a nice Father's Day. :)

Kristin said...

What an adorable post. I hope he had a very special day!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Those are great images! I want one of those cherry cookies right now. LOVE them! BTW, L loved your gift to Daddy. He thought it was so cool, and the name of it too.

Mama M. said...

Mama K...that first photo made me all weepy! It was like a glimpse into the lives of sisters...the hand on the belly, the closeness, the seem very close!

Your dad sounds amazing! Truly amazing!!

Jessie said...

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<3 Jess