Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I've got too much to say this week to make this wordless!

We've been vacationing for the past two weeks.

First in the beautiful mountains of NC with my family:

View from the deck

Waiting out the thunderstorm

His grandpa set this picture up at Linville Caverns!  Great influence!

Loving his first experience in the pool!

Baby W and Cousin E

The bear at Grandfather Mountain

The six sisters and three grandkids!

Then the HOT beaches of SC with the hubby's family:

Baby W and Cousin S

The hubby's family

Next to Charlotte to visit some friends and family:

My friend C and her Sweet Baby J (we look like we're holding each other's baby!)

My friend J who should be getting a ring soon!

On to Greenville to stay with my Aunt and Uncle before Baby W's surgery:

Their backyard is great for picture taking!

Champ wanting to play fetch with Baby W (who laughed hysterically)

Until Champ barked :(

Surgery Day:

Playing in the crib

Staying entertained with Daddy

Drinking glucose water in the recovery room

Watching the piano play itself in the lobby with both Grandmas and Aunt "Sissy"

The day after surgery...almost completely back to normal!

Warning:  A very long and detailed post about Baby W's surgery is coming soon!

Happy Wednesday!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

LOVE every single image. I'm going to come back later, just to look at them again. Still can't get over how much little W looks like you. Cat/Kat? looks so great, and so happy!!

And I love your Lilly shorts! I actually love them so much I just might have to get myself the same exact pair. :)

LOVE you!

Cool Gal said...

The photo with the pipe is hilarious. Made me chuckle. So cute!

It looks like you had a nice time on your vacation. :)

Glad to hear the surgery went well.

Have a great day. Love your new blog look, too!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Wow I absolutely love every picture. The one with the pipe is too funny.