Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Message: Deliberate Kindness

A woman that had just begun cooking a pie got a phone call from the school notifying her that her son was sick and needed to be picked up.  She only lived a couple blocks from the school, so she knew she had plenty of time to get back before the pie was done.  She went to the school and learned that her son's fever had spiked, and he needed to go to the doctor immediately.  She took him to the doctor where she was given a prescription and was told to get it filled immediately.  She and her son went into the store to fill the prescription and returned to the car to find that the keys were locked inside!  She and her son were lucky enough to find a wire hanger to try and unlock the door, but it didn't work.  She said a prayer that God would send help so that she could get home before her house burned down!  
Just then, a man pulled up on a motorcycle.  He didn't look like the sort of man she would usually ask for help, but he was the only one around.  She said, "Excuse me, but do you know how to unlock a car door with a wire hanger?"  In less than a minute, the doors were unlocked.  
The woman thanked the man for his kindness and said, "You were so kind and helpful.  I just prayed that God would send me some help.  You must be a Christian!"
The man replied, "No.  I just got out of prison two weeks ago."
She said, "Oh, I prayed for help, and God sent me a professional!"

The main message of yesterday's sermon was that many of us have wealth and status in our areas, yet we struggle to give generously.  We were encouraged not only to be generous and kind in situations that just happen upon us (like when we see someone who needs help after falling or someone who is in need of a meal), but we need to be deliberate and intentional in our giving.  Plan to be kind. Plan to be generous. God will reward you in return!

Please pray for my family this morning! As you are reading this, my 9 month old son is having surgery.  Everyone tells me it will be harder on me than it is on him, and I know that's true, but I would still love the extra prayers!! Have a great week! 


Cool Gal said...

Sending lots of prayers your way today. I know everything will be fine, but I just want you to know I will be thinking of you and your family today. Hugs!

I loved the story about the woman and the "motorcycle" man. Made me chuckle. I couldn't agree more, we all could stand to be more generous and kind. Especially with ourselves and time.

This really made me think today. Thank you! :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Prayers your way! I'll call you later, hope everything goes well.

I liked your sermon too. :)

Kate said...

I came over from Cool Gals blog after hearing about your son's surgery. I just wanted to send you love and prayers for today; I hope everything goes really well for him.

Papa Bradstein said...

Hope everything goes well with your son's surgery. It truly is harder on the parents than the child, but that doesn't mean it's easy on the child either--but that's why he has you. You'll make it easy for him.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Hope everything went well for your family and son. Enjoy your day!