Friday, June 11, 2010

fitness friday: cleaning

Now that I am a stay-at-home mama, I have lots to learn.  I have to admit that growing up, I never learned how to cook or clean.  I did have to make up my bed and keep my room clean, but we had a cleaning service for all of the "real" cleaning.  We also had a lady that would come over and do the laundry and iron our clothes.  My mom did do all of the cooking, but it was just the basic stuff, so I left the house knowing how to make tacos from a kit and Kraft mac and cheese.  I am embarrassed writing all of this down (and when my Mama reads it she is probably not going to be too happy with me--I love you Mama!!)

Well, the man I married is an absolute clean freak.  He likes for things to be spotless all of the time (even with an 8 1/2 month old son).  We first lived in an apartment together in Dallas, TX right after we got married.  It was easy to keep clean and I could vacuum and all that good stuff.  When we moved to SC and bought our first home, we were both working, and I convinced him that we needed to allow a cleaning lady to come every once in awhile because we were both so busy.  That happened occasionally, but normally my husband ended up cleaning whenever he thought the house needed it.  (He honestly thinks it needs a deep clean when the house looks spotless to me!)

Well, this week is my first week as a housewife.  So I have a lot to learn.  We spent today (his day off) cleaning the house together.  I dusted, vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned a bathroom. When I finished, I told my husband that I was going to blog about it because it was something I had never really done before (especially cleaning a toilet!)  I felt proud at the end of the day because I had gotten a work out-especially with the mopping--and the house did look a lot better. 

 7 months pregnant here...and that poster describes me perfectly :)

That's how I'm tying cleaning in to my fitness friday.  But I have also gone to the gym at 6:00 every morning this week and taken a step class, and interval class, and a cardio fusion class!  I go work out and get ready for the day before husband and Baby W are even up :)  

I'm now ready for all of the "wow, you have never cleaned before!" comments.  I will brace myself.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Good for you! Yeah, still haven't really cleaned yet. Haha. Hopefully that will ALWAYS remain that way.

Mama IS going to kill you for writing that, that's if she reads your post, and you forgot to mention El Can Cun. :)

See you tomorrow! Can't wait!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I totally hear you with the boy being a clean freak. My soon to be hubby is crazy about things not being on the floor and the place being spotless. Well between my shoes and purses and clothes we have no space for things and he just goes into crazy mister clean mode! Love the pictures of you by the sign! xo have a fabulous weekend.

Cool Gal said...

The more you clean, the more addicting it becomes. You become addicted to the "clean." Okay, maybe just me. But, seriously, I could tell by this post you were proud of you spotless house at the end of the day (Every time I see one of those "garbage" homes on t.v. I run for the bucket. I think I need help!). That's great!

So happy to hear you are getting up and making fitness part of your day. The classes sound fun. Have you ever tried "Spin?" Fun!

Have a great weekend!

Kimberly said...

I cannot believe you didn't know how to clean a toilet until yesterday! You are crazy! Haha just kidding. But, I clean a lot - dust, vacuum, toilets, bathrooms, etc. (Ray usually does do the bathrooms, though.) I WISH he was a neat freak!! I guess we balance each other out though. No, I really wish he was. Haha! Before we got married, his apartment would always be so clean when I came over. Now, our spare bedroom has turned into "his" room because his clothes are everywhere and it gets so messy. It is SO annoying! Sorry for this little rant! :) See you soon!

katie said...

Thanks for the great advice. I'm starting a celebration folder today! As for cleaning...I HATE it BUT love your signs and also love a clean house. Well, I have even more to learn than you. And kudos to you for getting up at 6:00am to work out. Yeah, you're pretty much my idol...have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I have been trying to cook a lot more now that I am home. That's one thing I never learned to do, either. I was going to blog about it myself later.

KJJ Houston said...

ha ha I am the same way!! I had to make my bed.. but I really didnt know how to do laundry... I mean I know how to turn on the buttons and stuff like that, but all the rules about what temp you wash stuff at I have no clue!! My nanny washes our clothes... so I guess I still dont! ha
BUT I really need to learn to cook, we go out to eat wayyyyyyyyyy too much!!! But how do they do it? Im so tired by the end of the day!

Henley on the Horn said...

You are too funny! I have lots of good cleaning tips if you need them. I keep cleaning supplies in every bathroom so that they are handy. If a sink or toilet does not look great, then I stop and clean it. If your hubs is a clean freak, then you can really show love to him by surprising him with a very clean house each week! Just do a little each day and you can do it! While you're watching the baby in his swing, dust some furniture or empty the trash. I try to keep our trashcans as empty as I can. It makes the room feel cleaner!

Fitness bench said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!