Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tuesday's tip for new mamas: Wal-Mart Bags!

My husband suggested that I let everyone know about his great idea for disposable diaper bags.  Instead of using the arm-and-hammer bags, or other disposable diaper bags that you can buy, the next time you are at Wal-Mart, take a handful of the small plastic Wal-mart bags that are on the turntable.  

We tried the diaper genie, but it wasn't for us.  Just doesn't seem worth it to buy refills and have to empty that thing nearly every day.  So, we put Baby W's dirty diapers in a small Wal-Mart bag and put it in the trash basket we have in the nursery.  Yes, we still empty it every day, but it is much easier!

On another note, these are the Lilly shorts I won in Cool Gal's giveaway a few weeks ago!!
They fit perfectly and I love them!  Thanks Cool Gal!! :)


Cool Gal said...

Ah, you look so adorable in those shorts. They are just as sweet as you!

I never really liked my Diaper Genie. It stunk so bad. I probably should have taken it out more, but it was kind of a pain. These disposable bags are a great idea for a new mom. You're more likely to empty it if it's easy! :)

Have a great day.

Fashion Meets Food said...

love the shorts! You're gorgeous!!