Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Message: God Wants Your Time

The message yesterday really reminded me of this post from Webbisodes.  It really makes you think about how you spend your time!

In addition to that, each week in our church bulletin there is a "meditation" for us to think about during the prelude.  This was the meditation yesterday:

"We are in a struggle for the soul of the church in America, a struggle between God's narrative, with God at the center, and my narrative, with self at the center.  The narrative of American narcissism tells us that nothing is more important than the self.  By contrast, God's narrative tells us that we will only become what we are meant to be when we submit ourselves to His story."  -Robert E. Webber-



Kitchen Belleicious said...

AMEN! I think for every Christian in this world every day is a constant struggle with our self or the world or God's way- which is perfect and pure! Love the post from you and from Shannon !

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for sharing that, i have actually been thinking about that a lot lately and it is nice to hear it again! :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

This is so true! Thanks for sharing this, Mama K. :)

Shannon said...

Such an important reminder! And, I have to say I certainly wish I lived in your area and was able to attend your family's church...y'alls weekly messages are always so powerful! Thanks for always sharing with the rest of us!