Monday, November 1, 2010

Need a new look?!

About a month ago, I displayed my new blog design!  The woman behind the wonderful new look was Shannon from Webbisodes!  She is debuting her new business today:  Persnickety Pages {& More}!  

She is very talented and as the title of her business says: Persnickety!
She started off with a general outline of what I was looking for and then started giving me several options!  She was so patient and we communicated back and forth NUMEROUS times until I knew the new design was exactly what I wanted.  She did everything: the background, the header, the fonts, and my new button!

If you are looking for a whole new blog design, just a touch-up, or even just a have got to check out Persnickety Pages {& More}!  She will cater directly to you!  Her site is so cute and very easy to follow.  Please check it out!

She is also going to be offering stationery soon!  

I also grabbed her new button which is in my sidebar!

I really enjoyed working with her.  She is very diligent, creative, talented, and best of all persnickety!

So keep Persnickety Pages {& More} in mind for all of your design needs!


Shannon said...

Thanks, friend! I really appreciate the shout-out! Have a great Monday!

Cool Gal said...

I love the new look. Great job, Shannon. :)

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

I love your new page, it looks great!
AND....You won my giveaway! Yay!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very cute! i love the look, colors, and everything!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

I love your new look. Everything is adorable!! She did a wonderful job.