Friday, November 19, 2010

14 months old!

Today Little Man is 14 months old...really?! Ah! 

Last year, he was 2 months old:

And now:

What he's been up to:

He ate pineapples for the first time a couple days ago and loved them! He also ate corn for the first time today and loved it as well! We are still working on more solids.  He still mainly eats pureed food.
He crawls really really fast (I call it run-crawling).  I hope in the next post I can say he's walking!  He did stand up on his own yesterday for about 10 seconds, and he will walk along everything...just not without letting go!
He has started getting really annoyed when we put him in the car seat.  I usually have to give him a piece of food to sit him down.  Maybe it's time to switch to forward facing!
He loves being around people.  When I push him around in the store, he laughs really hard at most of the women that walk by!  I love it :)
He loves to open and close the drawers in his room.
He loves sitting in "his blue chair" in his room.
Little Man likes to pull hair! (Not really mine...but everyone else's!)
He is really into mimicking what we say...and tries to match our pitch and syllables!
When he goes to bed at night, he laughs himself to sleep.  He likes to get in the "downward dog" position a lot and laughs.
He has been teething and just got a big molar with more on the way!
He likes to try and wear Daddy's hats.
He still really loves his baths, and gets mad when we take him out.
He likes to lay down while he's crawling.  If it's a new feeling surface, he sniffs it and then lays down on it.
He likes to look under the coffee table when Daddy is on the other side.
When we are in the car and a siren goes by, he mimics the sound almost to a tee!
He recently got two new teeth.  One on the top right, next to his front tooth, and one of back left molars!  It seems that many of his molars are about to come in and also the other top tooth!!


He has recently started saying "I love you" back to us, but it's just a jumbled mess.  
He does the same thing after we say, "Bless You."

*Happy = "How big?"
*Baybee = Baby
*Up = up
*Ee-yah = Eeyore (his favorite animal to sleep with!)

He has recently started saying many family members names (Bippie, Papa, Gigi, Coco, Ashee, Bobo)

He still likes to talk in his own little language.
And he's still saying these words as well:
Apple= Ahh+phhhf
Doggy= dig+ee
Beep= dee dee
Uh oh= Uh Oh repeatedly!
Good= Guh
Book= Buh
Go! Go! Go!
Ball= Bah
Yay! (and claps his hands)
Bye Bye!



Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh- happy late b-day to such a precious little boy! He is adorable and i love hearing what he is up to now. It reminds me of the same things my son was doing at that age just a few months ago. P.S. I had to turn little man faceward a long time ago. He couldn't handle not seeing what was going on. I know you weren't supposed to but it was the end of our car rides if i didn't! LOL!

Shannon said...

Happy belated 14 months! I love reading about all the new words and milestones! This is such a fun age isn't it? Gillian Grace just turned 16 months on the 20th...can't get over how much they change in just one year's time! W is such a sweetie! I turned GG forward long before her first bday...she just couldn't stand it and technically she met the weight requirements for being front facing! It's been such a difference too! Love that W says uh oh repeatedly! GG is starting to do that all the time too!

Fashion Meets Food said...

he is just way too precious for words, and it must be so exciting when he starts to say more words!


Llama said...

Ohhh my goodness!!! Isn't it insane how fast they grow? Ive been watching some of my close friends children grow for the past year and it truly is amazing. They change so much! So sweet!!!