Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday!

I am linking up for the first time for Home Tour Tuesday!  Please join in on the fun!

Well...now that I have taken my pictures, I am just going to go with them :)  When I took them, in my mind I was thinking of two of my favorite items in the house, but when I went back and looked, it's actually two things you are thankful for (besides spouse and kids).

You might not think those would be that different...but for me they are.

Here are two of my favorite items in my house:

This is a painting that used to hang in my "Mimi and Pop's" (my dad's parents) house.  It hung right at the end of their kitchen table.  I have always liked it because it just reminds me of their house.  They had a small "farm" behind their house with chickens, horses, goats, and peacocks.  When my grandfather passed away in August of 2008, I asked if I could have that picture to hang in my house.  I was told that one of my uncle's girlfriend's had painted it awhile back and that made me laugh, but it will always be sentimental to me.  I love knowing that I have a piece of art that will always remind me of my loving grandparents!  

This cross also hangs in our kitchen.  It was a wedding present from one of my mom's friends.  I love that it is a cross and I love the Bible verse.  It is a great daily reminder of our purpose!  

After writing, I realize that I am very thankful for these two things.  Had I chosen something else, I may have taken a picture of my pantry because I'm thankful for food, and a picture of my bed because I LOVE going to sleep at night in my comfy bed!!

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Happy Tuesday!



Cool Gal said...

I love that painting not only because it's cool, but because of its sentimental value. Those kinds of things in the house are the best!

Happy Tuesday!

Shannon said...

I love that cross...that's just beautiful! Your pictures and post is perfect, no worries! With us, it's anything goes really!

Cool Gal said...

MikWright gave you a shout out on their FB page. How cool is that, Mama K???

I sent the link below. Perhaps you could "Like" them for another entry in the giveaway???

Anyway, I purchased a sign today. Can't wait for it to arrive. So cute!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

love the cross! we have a cross wall in our entry hallway and i love passing by each one and remembering when each one was given to me.

love the painting...my grandmother had a painting too that always hung in her dining room. that picture always gives me good feelings...i too asked for it and my aunt took it already. sadly she got rid of it and never asked if the family wanted it...figures!

Llama said...

Both of those pieces are simply incredible. There is nothing like memories to help make a house a home~