Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Message: Singleness of Purpose

Thank you all for the birthday messages!  I really appreciate it! I had a great birthday on Friday.  It started with my first class surprising me with a delicious chocolate brownie cake and cute little home-made presents!

Then I took a half day off from school and drove with Baby W to my hometown where I celebrated with all but one of my sisters and parents!  I got lots of great gifts and gift cards! I'll post some of my new clothes later this week :) 

My nieces were there as well.  This is a picture of Baby W and Niece E on the couch.  We had to separate them after W kept trying to eat E's head!

The next morning, we woke up for the GBS 5K.  My goal was to walk the whole thing and finish in less than 45 minutes.  My time was 43:30!  So I achieved my goal :)  It was one of the most humid days ever, which made it a little harder; but, it was lots of fun and for a good cause. 
Before the race:
After the race:
Our friend that we were running for:
Big W and Baby W:
Meeting Sir Purr:
My dad winning second place (out of two people) in his age group :)

I'm not sure when my next event will be, but I plan to do at least one other 5K this summer!

Back to the Monday message:
Yesterday, I went to church at the church where I grew up.  The message was about having singleness of purpose or singleness of mind.  The pastor used Paul as an example.  His mission or goal was to spread Christ to everyone that he could.  So he had singleness of mind in spreading the knowledge of Christ.  That was his main goal in life and everything he did revolved around that goal. 

We should also set goals and then have singleness of mind in achieving those goals.  Our goals should ultimately be related to serving Christ as well.

I was really inspired by this message and have decided to set my own personal spiritual goals.  I need to have singleness of mind in serving Christ at work, at home, and wherever else I go.  I do have more specific goals in mind to achieve the ultimate goal as well!  I encourage you to set your own goals and have singleness of purpose in achieving those goals!  The other part of the message was that if your ultimate goal is to serve Christ, then you will also be happy and content in life.

Enjoy your week!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Your outfit was so cute! Love it! Love the picture of W trying to eat E that'll be a picture to show in the future lol. Congratulations on the race. You did good with your time, and that's awesome you pushed the stroller the whole way. I really need to decide if I am going to do the 5K here or not. The problem is it's A LOT of up hill and no flat land... only a little downhill so it absolutely freaks me out! I have been goal setting like crazy! Enjoy your day!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love it all! I so wish I could have raced with y'all. :( I'm still so sad I couldn't make it. Had a great time with you on Friday, hopefully next time, we can hang out longer. LYLAS! Oh, and I LOVE the pic of Daddy and W. So so sweet!

Emily said...

I would love to set a 5k as a goal to complete in the near future. If you find a good one, let me know, and I might just join you!