Friday, April 30, 2010

fitness friday

My advice for you today is: Sign Up for a Race!

Do you have to win? No! 
Do you have to run the whole way? No! 
Do you have to run at all? No!
Do you have to finish? YES!

By looking up a race in your area and signing up to walk or run, you will hold yourself accountable for getting in shape!  Especially right after having a baby, there is not much motivation because all of your focus is off you! But if you have a set date for a 5k or even a 10k or longer... you may get motivated to work out before that date arrives.  I used to be able to run about 5 miles a day and actually ran a half marathon 3 years ago!  Since getting pregnant,  I have not been able to hold a good pace running, but I recently started walking more often.

Photos from the half marathon in Dallas, Texas:

Before the race (I was nervous!)

During the race (around mile 4):

Mu husband cheering me on:

After the race (so glad to be done!):

Seeing these pictures again definitely sparks some motivation in me!

I completed the Cooper River Bridge Run (10k) at the end of March, and I will be running/walking in a 5k for GBS/CIPD tomorrow!  I plan on walking the whole thing (and pushing Baby W in my new jogging stroller).  My goal is to finish under 45 minutes!

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend!


Jane said...

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA JANE!!! Hope you have a great trip home. I am so glad y'all are doing the 5k tomorrow, I wish I was there to do it with you! Love your blog!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

You can do it! I'll be there with you the whole way, baby! Although my girlies will be still asleep when I run it. They're actually still asleep now. See you in a little while! Love the pics, especially that last one!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! Your accomplishments are so amazing! I can't believe you did a half marathon! I am trying to get back into walking/running since having Molly. I normally do the treadmill at the gym but I have asked for a jogging stroller for Mother's Day!!! (craigslist and consignment sales here we come!) anyway, I read about this thing called the Strollometer. I've asked for it too cause it will record your speed and mileage and whatnot and it attaches to the stroller. check it out maybe one day we can stroll together! :-D

Fashion Meets Food said...

Good luck tomorrow! A massive update of the race will be a must! I have never done a race before, and am trying to get in shape for my wedding. I am considering signing up for a 5K at the end of May, but i am scared to death and keep putting it off.


KJJ Houston said...

Happy Birthday! Your husbands face is the best!!