Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Toys for Baby W!

Baby W is growing by the second!  I cannot believe how big he is.  I just got in a photo book that I made on snapfish of his life so far, and he has changed immensely! I am cherishing every hold, snuggle, and kiss that I get!

Today, I got to make a stop by Babies 'R Us! We picked up some things that I had really been wanting!  First, we got travel tops for our Dr. Brown's bottles.  We had been using Medela tops, but they aren't quite the right fit, so we have had some unnecessary leaks!

We also got a white toy chest that will go perfectly in his nursery and our house might appear clean for a few seconds when we pile all of his toys in there!

We also got a 5-in-1 adjustable gym.  This is what we have really been looking for because Baby W loves to sit up and needs something that will keep him entertained while he is sitting up... and later it can turn into a desk! It says he can use it til he's 3! Definitely worth the money.

Our last purchase (which is really a birthday gift from my parents) was a jogging stroller! I am so excited about it! It is the Baby Trend Expedition LX.  I have been using one that a coworker gave to me that she used to use.  Her youngest son is in my class this year which means he's that stroller is a little outdated! This one has an IPod hook-up and a turning front wheel!  I hope it will motivate me to get out there and work out more often!

Hope you have a wonderful, restful, rest of the weekend

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Sweet Southern Prep said...

Wow! Y'all got some great stuff! Couldn't help but flashback to Blake and the freak-out napping incident, and the whole, "But the bottle cap was different, so I didn't know I was supposed to put the tube in it." Haha, just kidding. He was so nice to do that. And they work so well. I love them, glad you got them, and Babies R' Us is seriously the only place that carries them. So weird! Happy Running!