Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tuesday's tip for new mamas: make time for yourself!

When Baby W was born, I did not want to do anything but spend every second with him!  I took 12 weeks off of work, and never left his side.  (Maybe for an hour or less twice a month!)  Now I know that might sound crazy, but I didn't want to miss anything, and I felt like I was the only one who could soothe him if something was wrong (he was a colicky baby!)

I did have to leave his side when I went back to work in January.  But, whenever I wasn't at work... I was with my sweet son.  Then, on March 13, Baby W was invited to a birthday party! I was not going to be able to go because I had to take a test for my recertification.  My husband, however, was able to take him (the party was an hour away!)  I was so sad. When they had only been gone for 20 minutes, I called my husband!  What was I going to do for the hours after my test?!

Well... it turns out I got to relax at home and went on an hour long walk!  When I finished that... I thought, "It has been too long since I have taken time for myself!"  Yes of course I missed being with my son, but I think everyone in the family would benefit from me getting some time to myself every once in awhile. 

Since then, I have taken an hour once or twice a week to go on a walk alone!  I think it is crucial to take time to gather your thoughts and have this alone time when you are a new mama!  It will help maintain your sanity and give you more patience with those around you!  In fact, if you are able to get out by yourself more than once or twice a week...I would encourage you to do that!

I don't think it really matters what stage of "mommyhood" you are in, or even if you aren't a mama at all: take time for yourself each day!


Leslie said...

This is so true! I often take Riley for at least part of the day on my day off and feel so guilty but it gives me time to get stuff done so I feel so much more patient when we're all together at home. I think we working Mom's feel so guilty for being away working that we don't think about how tired WE are from all of our working and Mommy-ing and wife-ing, etc.!

Leslie said...

*take Riley to daycare

Sweet Southern Prep said...

So true! I'm glad you finally figured that out. Haha! :)