Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Message: What are you waiting for?!

How many times have you wanted something to change and people tell you, "Just wait! It will happen!" 

Or you are going through a hard time and someone says, "Just wait! Things will get better!"

Well, just waiting isn't going to solve anything! You have to take action for things to change and hard times to end!  

This was the message of the sermon yesterday at my church.  It was very inspiring.  I think it hit home the most when he said we always wait until we are in a crisis or a hard time before we call on God.  When everything is going great and life is good, we don't access God's power.  But, even in the good times God is the most wonderful source of joy and well-being.  When you are not in the midst of a hardship (and sometimes even when you are), you can use God's love and light to help others.  

So, if you have been thinking to yourself, I'll just start working on this project tomorrow; or I will wait until next week to begin my diet; or I will start volunteering for service projects in the summer...what are you waiting for?! Start now! 

One of the things that I have been waiting on is saying prayers at night with my son.  I keep telling myself that I will do that when he gets older and can understand, but I changed my mind!  While I am feeding him his bottle before bed, I am going to pray out loud with Baby W.  It will strengthen both my relationship with God and my son!

I took a picture of Baby W tonight after he went to sleep.  I haven't done this before because I was too scared I would wake him, but he didn't move a muscle!

Have a wonderful and blessed week!


Kimberly said...

Great message!! And that is so sweet about praying with Winston. :) I have a strong feeling that he is going to be one Godly man!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

OMG, that is the sweetest pic ever!!! And yes, you just have to remember that patience is everything. God's time is completely different than our time. He'll decide when something needs to happen, or should happen at all. :) Did I tell you about praying with W, or did you come up with this just randomly? Because after I rock W and sing to her, I say my prayers aloud, and then I say "Amen" and W then says "Amen". :) They're never too young to listen to prayers. Glad you're starting now. Just think, one day, he'll be saying them with you. LYLAS!