Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tip for New Mamas: Triple Paste

No matter how many people try to prepare you for a baby, you will never understand until you experience it for yourself!  And while you are experiencing the joys and trials of being a new parent, people will continue to try and tell you the "right" way to do things.  I enjoy hearing people's thoughts and tips, but when it comes down to decision time, you do what you think is best.

When Baby W got his first diaper rash, we tried Desitin, Butt Paste and other baby creams, but none of them seemed to work as fast as we wanted them to!  Fortunately, some of my neighbors recommended Triple Paste.  We had never heard of it, but they swore that it works the fastest and cures the rash in a flash! While a tub is around $18, we decided to go ahead and empty our pockets.

We applied the very thick cream immediately, and by the next diaper change a couple of hours later, there was no rash to be seen!  Baby W has since had minor rashes and Triple Paste always works like a charm.  If you already have something that works for you, then great! But if not, give Triple Paste a try!

I know that I sound like an ad for this stuff, but it's true!  If you have other creams that work, mention them! Thanks!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Thanks for the info! It seems like ALL of my friends are getting preggers... so this will be perfect for me to get them!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

LOVE THIS! Actually just used it tonight. You were the one who told me about it in the first place. :)