Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Message: Feel the Spirit!

Yesterday, instead of a sermon, the choir sang several songs about the Spirit.  It was a beautiful service, and while I enjoy listening to a good sermon on Sunday mornings, I feel that I worship best through music.  I was in our church choir until my pregnancy got too far along and I couldn't really stand and sing without getting lightheaded!  I would love to join again, but Baby W goes to bed so early that I can't make it to practice on Wednesday nights. 

I am going to sing at school in a couple of weeks.  I sang in our school talent show last year.  It was a song called "Carry Me Through," by Dave Barnes.  I was not going to sing this year, but my students all requested that I sing again.  The talent show is on June 2, and I have no idea what I will be singing yet!  Any suggestions?! I want to sing something that inspires the students, but that is current and will get the students into the song.

Hope you all have a great week.  This is my last full week of school!  (and Baby W's last week of daycare!)  So excited for the summer to begin!  It will be busy, but I will get to spend lots of time with family!

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