Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wordless wednesday: sweet baby boy


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Thanks a lot! Ruining all my hard work I put into making those invitations. Just kidding! Glad y'all are going to be able to come. His hair is sooo red now. Can't believe that! Your face, but his hair is definitely from the K side. Can you believe both girls are still sleeping! It's 9! This is unbelievable. I'll call you later. LYLAS!

passport in my pocket said...

awww, precious!!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

He is cute a cutie! His PJ's are too cute!


Cool Gal said...

Ah, he is so cute. Do I ever miss those days. Enjoy. They grow-up so fast!

Just to let you know, I received confirmation from LP that the shorts were shipped. Hopefully you will get them soon. :)

Have a great day!