Friday, May 14, 2010

fitness friday: celebrity edition

As a non-celebrity, soon to be even more extreme penny-pinching mama, I wanted to see what celebrities looked like during and soon after pregnancy.  Most of them, of course, look fantastic.  I believe that I could look fantastic as well...if I had someone doing my hair and make-up everyday, and a personal trainer and chef making sure my body stayed in great shape 24/7!  Here are a few beautiful celeb moms:

Halle Berry

Julia Roberts

This is me on my due date:

And three weeks later:

Luckily, the nursing helped me get most of the baby weight off! Now it's time to tone up and get in shape! So ready for the summer time and to be out of school so that I can work more exercising into my daily routine.  Hope you have a great weekend :)


Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my goodness you were way too cute pregnant!!! I haven't even had a kid and i'm not in their shape or yours. My body is currently sending me into freak out mode since it is REFUSING to lose weight...argh lol.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Great post, A! Still can't believe we had babies in our tummies, can you? Such an amazing miracle that is. Soon you will be just as frugal as B, but it'll be worth it - getting to spend every waking minute with W! Yay! It's 8:45, and mine are still asleep, from the entire night...

Ashley said...

I agree with the nursing part! It definately works! I am going to have to work on pinching some pennies myself in about a week, but your sister is right... it will be so worth it!

Shelby said...

You look SO great, and were very cute pregnant too :) Thanks for the follow, your blog is adorable and you have a beautiful family to write about! Great post! :)