Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tuesday's tip for new mamas: the laundry basket!

A few weeks ago, my mother in law was keeping Baby W while the hubby and I were working.  When I got home, she showed me a new, fun way for Baby W to keep himself entertained!  She put blankets in the bottom and hanging on the sides of a laundry basket, and she put toys in the basket as well.  Then, she plopped Baby W in with the blankets and toys and let him play!  He loves it!

This is only recommended when your baby can sit up pretty easily on his/her own.  But, it makes it easy to get stuff done around the house when you can watch them easily and transport them to any room with their toys. 

When I was in Charlotte this past weekend, my mom was going to watch Baby W while I went out and spent my birthday money.  She wanted to clean the kitchen and I showed her that it would be easy if she used the laundry basket.  She thought the idea was ingenious and that I should send it in to Parenting magazine...lol!  She said he loved sitting in there so much!

Another good thing about it is that when I pack for a trip, I can fit nearly everything we need for Baby W in the laundry basket.  So I pack the blankets, toys, clothes, burpcloths, bibs, pjs, white sound machine, baby monitor, bath stuff, and whatever else I need right there in the laundry basket. 

I don't have my camera right now to post pictures of this...but I will definitely give you some visuals tomorrow for wordless wednesday! 

Good luck trying this out!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

I never did this with W, but may try it with E. :) And thanks for posting my giveaway!

Leslie said...

That's such a great day...gotta love Momma Vicki!! And I LOVE your idea of packing everything in it was well, ingenius!

Leslie said...

*I don't know if I used the word ingenius properly once I see it typed, LOL...genius idea, haha!