Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's tip for new mamas: The Exersaucer!

At some point within the first few months of your new baby's life, you should get an exersaucer!  It can provide lots of entertainment for your little one.  We thought Baby W was too small for the exersaucer, but right around 4 months we realized he really enjoyed it!  He is 8 months now and still hasn't tired of it...

In the beginning, he was just mesmerized and would reach out for the gadgets, but now he beats on everything and tries to eat everything as well!  I love watching him laugh, babble, and play in his exersaucer.

There are some exersaucers that have bouncy seats built in.  Baby W's does not bounce, so he also has a Johnny Jump-Up.  When he gets tired of being in the exersaucer, I simply move him to the Johnny Jump-Up and he is immediately happy.  His favorite thing is when his Daddy or I swing him really high.  We get to see his face light up!

We were fortunate to get the exersaucer at a baby shower, but if you are looking for one, this is the one we have:


Sweet Southern Prep said...

E loves hers too! What a happy little boy. I HAVE to see him soon! When are y'all coming home next?

Leslie said...

Riley has the same one Anna! Once he was able to stand ok we took off the red stopper things and he loved how it would tilt around and that seemed to help him work on his balance alot! These give Mommy such a great break!