Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's tip for new mamas: Portable High Chair

Well technically it's called a booster seat, but I like to think of it as a portable high chair!  Once your baby starts eating solids, this chair is wonderful.  We received it at a baby shower and absolutely love it!  We use it at home right now, and we haven't even set up the real high chair yet because this chair is just so convenient. 

When we were traveling the past few weeks, this chair made it really easy to feed Baby W on the go.  There are straps that secure the booster seat onto a chair and you are all set.

Another great thing about this specific booster seat is the removable toy tray.  While you are getting the food ready, your baby can play while they are waiting!  Baby W keeps himself entertained and distracted with the fun toys, and when I'm ready to feed him the top tray easily pulls right off. 

One of the first times Baby W tried baby food...a mess! (no success!)

The tray that is the actual tray under the toy tray is so easy to clean.  It also comes off easily, and I usually just stick it under the faucet right after he eats, or if he didn't get too messy, I just wipe it down with a wet paper towel.  He stays strapped into the seat while I clean off the tray.

Haha...one of the only pics I have of Baby W in the Bumbo :)

My sister and sister-in-law feed their babies in the Bumbo, which works well for them, but my Baby W's chunky little legs sometimes get stuck in the Bumbo, so this seat is a little more comfortable :)

When my sister's and I were little, my mom used a hook-on high chair to feed us sometimes.  It's still around today, and still works!  It had no cushioning and no parts to tighten, but it was similar to the high chair here.  I'll have to get a picture of my mom's...you wouldn't think it was safe!


Fashion Meets Food said...

If I ever decide to have a kid I definitely need to have you on speed dial!


Shannon said...

We have the portable high chair. It's not quite as fancy as the one you have pictured but it has been great! Your little one is too cute! Love the pic with the food all of his face...so funny and adorable. Love it when kiddos eat!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I used a high chair for W, and a Bumbo for E. W's legs were too chubby too. :)