Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Surgery Update

This is a very detailed explanation of the day of and few days after Baby W's orchiopexy.  Feel free to read or just browse the pictures!

I don't think that I could have planned out for Baby W's surgery to have gone any better on Monday! Your prayers worked!  Wow!

I was worried about not being able to feed him after midnight, when his surgery wasn't until 8:30 am!  He usually eats around 6:00 pm and then sleeps until 5:45 am.  We feed him 5 ounces and he goes back to sleep until around 8:00.  Well, we took a couple of nights to give him a dream feed at 11:50 pm to get him a little fuller and used to a feeding then.  On the day of the surgery, he still woke up right at 5:45 am, and I just went in and got him ready for the day.  He didn't fuss at all!  I was shocked!

At the hospital, we had to be there at 7 and then wait a little over an hour before they took him into the operating room.  He did great.  I just walked him around the waiting room.  He was a little fussy, but no all out crying!  In the room where we took him to change him before the surgery, the crib had a toy to keep him entertained, and his daddy and I tried our best to keep him smiling.

Baby W is very friendly and was flirting with the nurses and anesthesiologist.  When we walked him to the operating room and had to hand him to the nurse, he turned and went straight into her arms!  I was crying of course, but I knew he was in good hands, and he wasn't scared a bit.  

The surgery went great.  He was very fussy when we got to hold him in recovery.  He drank 3 bottles of glucose water!  He was crying pretty hard after that, so they gave him a very small amount of morphine and tylenol.  That calmed him right down.  We were able to leave the hospital.  We met my mama, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law in the waiting room, and Baby W started crying immediately when he saw them.  I think he was in shock and wondering how they all of a sudden showed up!

We filled his prescription for pain medicine and went to lunch.  Baby W slept until the end of lunch.  I picked him up and he cringed in pain and cried for about a minute.  But once we had him back in the car for the ride home, he went straight to sleep.  He woke up crying about 10 minutes from home, but he stopped after about 5 minutes.  Then he started his usual growling and playing with his car toys.

At home, we had to wait about 45 minutes before we could feed him and give him his medicine.  He drank 10 ounces when he was finally able to eat! He took a 3 hour nap and woke up happy!  I took him on a short walk in the stroller to get him some fresh air.  We came home and Daddy gave Baby W a sponge bath and we changed his diaper.  Thankfully, the diaper change went smoothly and did not seem to bother Baby W at all!  After his bath, I fed him (about 9 ounces with his medicine), read him some books, sang to him, and put him in his crib.

The next morning, my husband woke up at 6, and we realized that Baby W had slept all night!! My husband went in to check and make sure he was okay, and when he moved the blanket, Baby W woke up.  Hubby came back and got in bed, and Baby W played in his crib for over an hour before wanting out!  We changed his diaper (again went smoothly, but no poop yet!) and then fed him.  He played happily until his nap at 10:30.  I had to wake him up at 12:30 to meet Daddy for lunch.  He did great.  I put some prune juice in his next bottle to try and help him along.  Took another nap at 4:30 and we had to wake him up again around 6:30.  We bathed him, fed him, read him books, and he was ready for another full night of sleep.  He did have a small poop before bed, another one in the morning, and then a great big one later in the day.  Hopefully he is now back to his regular once-a-day morning poop now :)

Sorry for all the poop talk!  Baby W is doing wonderful.  I am still worried about giving him a regular bath...which we are allowed to do today.  I know he should be fine, but he's a boy and likes to play down there when his diaper's not on!  So unless I can keep his hands occupied with toys, he might hurt himself! AH!

God has truly blessed us with everything going well before, during, and after the surgery!  Thank you for all your support.  


Fried Pink Tomato said...

I am so glad to hear he is doing well!! That is such great news! He is sooo cute!

Trish said...

Hey beautiful, thank so much for the update, I am glad he did well through the surgery and that he is getting back to his normal adorable self! Not surprised that he's so friendly, he's got such a sweet mama! xoxo

Kristin said...

Thank goodness everything is ok!!

Cool Gal said...

I so glad to hear everything went well and that he bounced back so quickly. That is good news.

I just have to tell you, I think he looks just like his dad. Oh my, twins! Cute!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad that everything went so smoothly!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy gorgeous! so glad that everything went well for the little guy. I was so worried about him, but glad everything turned out well.

xo enjoy your weekend!