Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's Tip for New Mamas: Gerbers Graduates Puffs

If you don't already know about Puffs and your baby is on solids, you really need to get some of these!  They are a wonderful help if Baby W is getting fussy and I need to fix him a bottle or get  something done before I tend to him.  I just pop one in his mouth or put a couple in front of him, and he is good to go for the next few minutes.  If he is getting a little restless in a store or out the check-out counter, the Puffs will do the trick. 

They are very light, and once your baby has started solids, they should be able to handle the puffs because they really melt in your mouth.  Baby W likes to chew it up real good with his two front teeth first.  It is so entertaining to watch him eat them!  I have the sweet potato puffs, and I am still using the same canister that I opened over a week ago.  They are only 25 calories in 65 pieces.  I haven't given Baby W more than 10 in one day...but I know that will change once he is better at putting them in his mouth by himself.  

I was a little late starting him on solids, but he has eaten almost every vegetable now, so I am very excited to move to fruits soon! 

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Llama said...

Even though im not a mommy yet...i totally know about these! My friends daughter looves these! She was munching on them all night on our 4th of july party...she even let me try one...they actually are pretty tasty! Have you had the cheese puffs? Yummmmm!