Friday, July 16, 2010

He's On the Move!

Yes I know he is getting a late start with the whole crawling thing, but Baby W FINALLY started crawling yesterday!  I don't think he's too far from walking either, because he has been pulling up on everything and walks around the edge of his crib and the coffee table.  I really don't want him walking anytime soon.  It's nice to be able to plop him down in the middle of his toys and be able to walk out of the room for a second and have him in the same place when I come back...but I know it's inevitable.

I also wanted to share with you some of my finds at the Sip and Shop here in Greenwood last night.  Sugar (Store Website), The Frilly Frog (Store Website), and Blossom all had great deals, and although I kept Baby W up past his bedtime, it was worth it!

Before I get to the goods, let me start with the champagne! I rarely drink any alcohol, but the last time I was at Sugar for their anniversary, I tasted a sip of my sister's champagne, and it was delicious.  They had mixed a little bit of fruit punch in with Verdi as well as plopped a strawberry in the glass.  I had to get one for myself.

Verdi Spumante

Tonight they had Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini! It was so tasty.  I stuck with one glass, but may have gone for another if I wasn't worried about keeping Baby W out so late!
Raspberry Sparkletini

I did not buy any clothes for myself because my husband would probably not be too happy with me, but I did find lots of cute earrings and a couple of adorable outfits for Baby W.

These first three pairs of earrings are from Sugar.  I am planning on giving some of them as birthday presents to a couple of my sisters with birthdays coming up (Sisters that read the blog...don't tell the sisters that don't!)

This pair of earrings came from Blossom:

And these two sweet outfits are from the Frilly Frog:

I can't wait to see how Baby W looks in them.  He may have a little growing to do first!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Kristin said...

OMG those little outfits are soooooo adorable!

Leslie said...

Cute! Sounds tasty! And don't worry about the late bloomer thing...Riley didn't walk until he was 16 months!!

Tara said...

I LOVE those Jon Jons! I need those for my little pumpkins! What is the Frilly Frog (that's a new one for me)? You really must share the deets!

mama k said...

The Frilly Frog is a cute boutique that is new here in SC. The Jon Jons are made by Mom&Me :) You can find them on-line I think. They were having a good deal when I went to Frilly Frog (40% off!)

Amy Elise said...

So I know my birthday isn't coming up anytime soon and you already got me an awesome present this year, but I do love the ones from Blossom! So cute!