Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Message: Blog Book Study!

I love to read, and I got a Kindle for Christmas.  The first few weeks I read whenever I had the chance.  Especially at night...I would get into bed early, and read until I fell asleep.  I read 4 pretty long books in a month!  But after that, I got busy with other stuff, and stopped reading.  I am so excited that I now have a good reason to read.

Short Southern Momma has invited her readers to join her in reading this book:

We are starting it on Sunday, August 1st!  You are welcome to join if you would like.  Just leave a comment with your email address at this post and Short Southern Momma will send you the blog address and the email and log in password so you can make a post!  

This will help me get back to reading and also help with guiding me in the right direction in my relationship with God! Can't wait to start! 

I am also teaching the 4 and 5 year olds at Vacation Bible School this week from 8:30 to 12 everyday! AHHH! What have I gotten myself into? Just kidding.  I am excited, but seriously, say a prayer for me :)

Have a blessed Monday!


Cool Gal said...

Good for you! It sounds like fun. I'd love to do it, but I'm afraid my "follow through" would be poor.

Seriously, good luck with the "little ones." LOL!

Fashion Meets Food said...

good luck with the little ones at bible school. i'm sure it'll be fun though.