Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: What the Flip?!

So most of you have already heard of the Flip Video.  I would highly recommend one to anyone!! They are so easy to use and they plug straight into your computer for easy upload!  We got one last December to record many of Little Man's precious moments!  We have used it so much since we have had it.  I have over a hundred videos of him doing the cutest things.  We first used it to capture his first laugh when he was 3 months old!

Sadly, after we went to the beach this summer, our Flip screen did not show a picture.  I think some sand may have found its way into the camera.  So for the past couple of months we have had to just aim where we think is the right place to film.  The image and sound still show up fine when we plugged it in to our computer, but we just can't see the picture when we are actually recording.

Now, Flip videos have almost doubled in price since we bought ours!  But, I convinced the mister that we needed a new one!  So I ordered one from Wal-Mart.com the other day, and the new one should be here this week!  So excited!!

We have still taken videos nonetheless, but the aim isn't that great.

Here is one of the latest videos.  Please excuse my "Mama" voice.  This is Little Man dancing to the video game music, clapping, saying "yay," and saying "bye!"  He always hears me say "Love you too," when I am getting off the phone...so he knows the next word is bye...which is so evident in the video :)

Again, that was video game music from the Wii...not what we normally have playing :)

Happy Tuesday!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love that video of W laughing! So cute!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

That video of your little man laughing is adorable!