Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Tip for New Mamas: Car Seats

This is more of a "Here's my opinion, now what's yours?" post!  So feel free to put in your two-cents!

When we went for Baby W's last check-up (about a month ago), he weighed in at 21.5 pounds!  We still had him in his infant car seat that was part of the Chicco Travel System, and it says that the maximum weight is 22 pounds!
We knew it was time to make the switch, but I had no clue what to get!  I checked on babycenter.com, which I have mentioned here.  I got some advice, but no real conclusion.

I did lots and lots of research on my own, and was about to go with the Britax Advocate CS or the Boulevard CS.  But they are really expensive, and I couldn't decide whether it was worth the money.  The best thing I could think of to do was call my sister! Why didn't I just do that first?!...It's what I did when I was registering for the first car seat!  She practically stayed on the phone with me while I walked around the store and registered.  She let me know what I would actually need and what I wouldn't!  (By the way, she has 2 daughters...one who is 14 months older than Baby W, and one who is 2 months younger!)

Long story even longer...she said that they have the Britax Marathon for her car and an Evenflo for her husband's car.  I immediately got on the computer and researched the differences between the Marathon and the other two I had been looking at.  Basically, for the others you are paying a lot extra for the "CS" feature.  It means Click Safe, and you can hear a click when the harness is tight enough.  Well I think I can figure it out pretty well...so I ordered my Britax Marathon and the Evenflo from Amazon!  I got free 2-day shipping, and the car seats arrived a couple days ago.  
Baby W really loves his "big boy" seat!  He constantly looks around and smiles!  I can see him a lot better now as well.  One thing that the reviews said is that it is very big and might not fit in some cars well.  I have an '05 Toyota Camry, and it fits great! 

Any other car seat suggestions, stories, or questions?


Henley on the Horn said...

Having triplets first, we could not afford to buy three Britax car seats. We found that the Graco car seats are great!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

We had the same experience. Our litte guy was ready for a big boy car seat way before we would have thought. I did alot of researching too and friend suggestions and we decided on the Britax car seat. Top rated, easy to install and he LOVES IT!

Tara said...

We love our Britax! We had a Graco infant seat for my oldest, but when we found out we were having twins the second time we opted for new Britax infant seats (because they go down to 4 lbs - a feature we ended up needing)! And for our big boy we have 1 Britax Roundabout and 1 Britax Boulevard. I do love the Boulevard - but I think all of the Britax seats are great!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

I am glad you posted this!! We are CLUELESS when it comes to registering for items... especially car seats. We ended up going with the Chicco Keyfit 30 and received one at our first baby shower. My husband it big into consumer reports and that was the highest rated haha! We also registered for the Chicco Keyfit travel system so that he can have a separate car seat in his car and the stroller is supposed to work with both. Let me know how the Britax works out for you. I hope you like it!

Shannon said...

We had the exact Chicco travel system in the green that you have pictured. Now GG's in the Britax Boulevard. She loves it! I just still can't get over how pricey they are! We have two also, one for my car and Bret's. After hauling it from one car to another, the extra expense was well worth it!