Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleaning up and cleaning out!

Last night I started my cleaning out process.  Awhile back I wrote about wanting to rid our house of all the things that are just sitting there!  I went through 4 of my bedroom drawers last night and got rid of over 50 clothing items...mainly t-shirts and workout gear.  (I kept 37 t-shirts by the way!)  Crazy!  But it feels good to start the process.  I actually wear t-shirts a lot! I wear them to work out in, to sleep in, and to lounge around the I go through them pretty quick.  I only kept the ones I actually wear and 2 that I just couldn't throw out even though I don't wear them.  Many of the shirts had memories, but we are only in this world for a little while, and I don't need to linger over and clutter up my house over t-shirts with memories! 

Stuff I'm getting rid of:

T-shirt Drawer for Keeps:
(yes, this is how it always looks-thanks to my older sister for teaching me how to fold them!)

Today, my plan is to clean out my closet!  I am getting rid of stuff that I haven't worn in awhile and stuff that I know I won't wear again.  I will probably try to sell the nicer items on E-bay or maybe a blog sale, and the other items will go to Goodwill!  I am also going to try to clean out the drawers in the spare bedroom... I know I have at least two more drawers full of t-shirts in there, along with winter sweaters and most of the summer clothes I couldn't fit into last year because I was pregnant!

My other plans are to dust and vaccuum the whole house!

If I get all this done, it will be a miracle!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Emily said...

I love it when I go through my clothes and clean out my closets! The other day I made my mister go through our socks with me and make sure everything had a pair...we're getting rid of all those pesky singles! And I plan on pairing up my tupperware with lids soon and getting rid of the rest!
You should look into donating your clothes at a battered women's shelter!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Good luck on getting it all completed! Thanks for the t-shirt-folding shout-out! My drawer, and L's, still look like that too. I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

A few tips:

Throw out/sell any clothes you haven't worn in over a year. (Although you DO have an exception, since you were pregnant for a lot of that time).

The t-shirts you're giving away? If many are full of memories, or you just like the t-shirt but can't fit into it anymore, consider a t-shirt quilt. There are a million companies out there that you can get to make them. So you'll always have your memories, you just won't be wearing them, PLUS you'll have a comfy quilt too. :)

Good luck on the rest of your cleaning! Can't wait to see the final result next weekend. Maybe you can reward yourself with some new clothes from Sandi's store. Haha! :)

Cool Gal said...

Oh, fun. I love de-cluttering. You will feel so much better once it's gone.

Have a great weekend! :)

Sweet Carolina Girl said...
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Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Yay Great Job! I need to get rid of t-shirts too! I have a million i think! Your shirts look really good in the drawer & i am loving all the tarheels!

Kristin said...

Boy do I need some of your organization motivation!

Shannon said...

Yes, good luck or should I say, how did it go?

I started the process of cleaning out drawers and my closet weeks ago and am still working. Everything just takes so much longer with a little one underfoot!

We're planning on a garage sell in October to finally rid our house of all the stuff we no longer need!

Happy Monday, girl!