Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Message: Like God, We Rise

"I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
-Mohandas Gandhi-
I found this quote after yesterday's sermon, and I have to agree with it completely!  It is sad that so many people are disenfranchised with Christianity because of Christians!! Many times people are turned away from churches or people because of something they have done in the past, are currently doing, or even by the color of their skin (unfortunately that still happens!)  So no wonder they are turned off by Christianity.
The sermon yesterday emphasized that as Christians, we should be like Christ in all ways! He was always accepting of every person.  God loves us all, no matter our situation or the decisions we have made or are going to make.
It was also about faith.  Faith is about aligning our life with the life of God.  We should let Jesus' story become our story.  Faith doesn't end our pain and suffering.  Faith can cause hardship.  It isn't an easy path!  It's not about being happy and blessed.  The risk-filled path of Christ is our path as Christians.  It is not our job to judge or turn people away, but to constantly welcome and constantly love others as Christ loved.

Do not allow organized religion, traditions, and sentimentalities to get in the way of Jesus' story.


Hope you have a wonderful week!
(Have to give props to my mister, who preached again yesterday!)


Fashion Meets Food said...

beautiful post!!! Yeah I tried to keep what I looked like a secret at least until the wedding. With it being a secret and all I didnt want certain people to find it and get all cranky about it. Bad enough my aunts have disowned me because they werent invited. It was only 15 people total. Including the priest, photographer and person who opened the place. Lots more pictures soon!


Shannon said...

You always have such great inspirational posts! Happy Monday to you, girl! And yay, for the hubs!