Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's Tip for New Mamas: Boy Toys!

For all of you Mama's of boys...did you ever have this problem?  From pretty early on, many times when we change Little Man's diaper, he reaches down to play with his...well, you know!  Sometimes, he would get really mad and aggressive when we stopped him! I asked the doctors about it, and they would say, "Well, he's just a boy, and they start early!"  He's definitely not as bad about it as he once was, but we always make sure to have a couple toys on hand for him to play with during diaper changing time to distract him from his other "toys."

Some of the toys we keep on hand are:


His bathtime letters to chew on:

And his favorite set of keys: 
Some Mama's I've talked to never really had this problem with their sons, and others say that it started early and has never stopped!  :) 


Cool Gal said...

Yeah, they all do it. It's like they've discovered something to "tug" on. You know, like another toy to play with. It goes away. Hang in there....it's all perfectly normal.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

He'll end up using that rattle FOREVER! W still plays with hers. :) So crazy how little boys do that, and not little girls.