Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday!

I had a crazy busy week last week, and blogging was not at the top of my priority list!  So I am playing catch-up today.  I guess it works out for me because today's post is about trimming the tree and showcasing sentimental ornaments, and we left the ornaments packed up this year so that Little Man wouldn't break any.  We also put our small tree on the porch this year as you'll see in the pictures!  These are most of our decorations...some are still packed away, but I'm still in the Christmas spirit!!

 Our dining room table centerpiece

The mantle...excuse all of the "stuff" on the mantle...we had to move stuff up there from the floor because of Little Man!

 Our stockings...a present from GiGi last year!

Little Man's Stocking!

It's hard to tell, but there are colored lights inside of the wine bottle.  This was a gift from my parents a few years ago!! I love it :)  And a great easy idea to make as a gift for a friend!

 Our fridge...beginning to fill up with Christmas cards!

 This is where we put the Christmas cards that don't have pictures :)

 Our new wreath!  The Santa was hand-knit!  We bid on it as part of a silent auction, and all of the proceeds went to Hospice Care.

I will change the tag later to read Little Man's name!

Our Christmas tree on the front porch...the mister decided to use some of the glass balls to decorate since we didn't get our personal ornaments out this year.  But we have had a lot of wind, and it has blown over a couple of times with many ornaments breaking!  Not too smart on the mister's part!  (Now he has 50 pound weights holding it down!)

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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Cool Gal said...

It looks so pretty. Your stockings are just beautiful.

Laughing at the tree. That is SO something my mister would do!

Happy Tuesday!

flip flops and pearls said...

A tree on the porch...LOVE IT! Hate it blew over :(

Your decor looks great. Thanks for playing along & linking up with Shannon & I!!

Hope your day is great-

Shannon said...

Your house looks terrific, is there an echo in here?...sorry to be so unoriginal but it's true! I love the Santa and snowman and the tree on the porch (despite it's accident)!

That bottle with the lights is awesome, just saw it on your sis's blog! I'm gonna try to do that for next year!

Thanks for linking up!

Have a good one!

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Everything looks so great! I love Christmas Decorations!
Sad about the tree :(

Jumping Jack said...

I love all of the Christmas cards on the fridge! That's a great idea!

I can totally relate to having to move everything out of Little Man's reach - we have to do the same thing. I'm just crossing my fingers that our gifts make it till Christmas with the nametags and bows still in tact!

Your house looks great!

Jen said...

I love that wreath. It is sooo cute!
Lovely decor.
Enjoy the season!

Joni said...

oh no poor tree. i love that holder for your greeting cards. i have been trying to figure out a better way to display our cards.

Kerri said...

Love the wine bottle idea!! Thx for visiting today! :))

Karen At Home said...

Aw, that stinks about your pretty porch tree. I do love the idea of one!!!!

Shannon said...

Okay I'm back because I have a ?...well two!

How are the cards on your fridge? Tape?

And, how are you feeling today?

Hope you're doing better and have kicked the tummy bug curbside!


Kristin said...

Your wreath is SO darling!