Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Message: Joy to the World!

 For many people, Christmas is a time of joy!  But it can also be a time of grief, pain, heartache, and loneliness for others.  Whenever you are out and about, look for someone who could use a little bit of joy and give them a smile or a helping hand!

There have been many orders for personalized signs lately, and I am working on them!  It is so fun to see what quotes people want to see or other creative ideas they have!

The most recent suggestions and/or orders:

"When life gives you scraps, make a quilt!"
"I love making memories that I can't remember with the friends I will never forget!"
"A.J. - Santa's Chief Elf"
"Grandkids spoiled here!"
"A simple toy, one which even a child can operate, is called a grandparent!"


Little Man has kept us busy lately!  Yesterday and today, he has been letting go of whatever he has been holding onto and clapping for long periods of time!  Yay!! I'm hoping this will turn into walking soon! And yes, I have heard that I probably don't want him walking yet, but it would be so nice not to have to put him in and out of a stroller if I just need to run in somewhere real quick! :)  And my back has been bothering me a little because I carry him around when we are out and about so much!  So hopefully on his 15 month update next week, I can say, "He's walking!"

 Still one of his favorite things to do

And he loves to help Mama unload the dishes! 

Sleeping while out to eat after church last week! 

 His new hat! (From Mimi's Babies on etsy!)
And I miss my long hair already...I asked for a two inch cut, and for some reason she cut off six inches!  I'll post some pics later.  I have been growing out forever and had planned on giving to locks 4 love again soon!

 Don't eat your shoes!!

Getting pushed around in the wheely high chair at Moe's :)

Happy Monday Y'all!



Kitchen Belleicious said...

How adorable are those pics! I love the one of him in the dishwasher because that is exactly what my son does. He loves to help me but when we are finished he climbs right in? Wonder why they love it so much. Yes, i am with you- I wanted G to walk to so bad because he was a big boy and it was hard carrying him around. He started at 12 months so I know your son will be there soon! Love ya!


Cool Gal said...

Oh my goodness, that hat is adorable. I wouldn't mind one for myself. Too, too cute!

Anytime now he will be walking/running! It is much easier on the back.

I'm sure your new haircut is adorable. I contemplate cutting mine all the time (summer of '09 I cut 9 inches off, but then grew it all out again). Aren't women so funny about their hair?

Sounds like business is going well! :)
Happy Monday!

flip flops and pearls said...

He is such a precious little man!! I love that hat! LOVE!!

I am with you girl, we sometimes forget what a hard time this season is on so many people. (lack of money, missing loved ones, etc.) This is when I wish I had a ton of $$ so I could help the world have a smile:)
(i can dream!)

teacher girl said...

He is ADORABLE in these pictures!! Yay for almost walking! I'm such a slacker & have done NO Christmas shopping yet. I definitely meant to order some the quotes people have come up with... I shouldn't promise to order some now because I am swamped with school, but I will soon!! :o) Have a great day with the "W!"

Kelly said...

He's just too cute. I love his little Christmas hat!!!

Charissa @ MiMi's Babies said...

How sweet!! Love all the new signs and sayings. :) The grandparent one stole my heart.

Have a fun day!!

Shannon said...

That is an adorable hat! I just love Charissa from Mimi's...she was one of my first giveaways!

Kids do love getting in the strangest places don't they?!

W is precious as always! I really like that sign about Grandkids...that would be perfect for my parents! Hmmm...

Have a good one, A!

The Regal Pup said...

Love the friends and memory quote! I may have to share that one w/ my friends :)

The pics are cute! And, just so you know, my son was a late walker too... 15 1/2 months.

Fashion Meets Food said...

oh my goodness I love the little guys hat! It is way too cute.


Sandra said...

Looks like that child either wants to be cleaned or cooked!
He's precious!

Llama said...

AWWWW! I love the pics of the little man helping you out with the dishes! Hysterical!! It is pictures like that and others with the shoes in his mouth that he is going to looove when he gets older!! Im sure its only a matter of time until he starts walking...are you suuuure your ready for that? hehe!