Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ornament Exchange!

Yay!! Time to share our ornaments from the Ornament Exchange hosted by Shannon from Webbisodes, and Karen from Karen at Home!  Thanks for hosting girls. This was lots of fun!!

My exchange partner was Brittan from A Babbling Brunette!  I'm now a new fan of her blog, and happy to know she is a fellow South Carolinian!

I was excited when the doorbell rang, and we found this box on the front porch!

The first thing I found was this sweet note inside!

This was my gift :)

And this was Little Man's gift:

I opened mine to find this beautiful ornament!  For those of you who don't know, the palmetto and crescent are on the state flag of SC.  My parents and husband are all from SC, but I grew up in NC.  I have now lived in SC for 3 1/2 years and didn't have a SC ornament until now!  I love it so much! Thanks Brittan!

I set Little Man's package on the ground and called him over:

What is that Mama??

I'm not sure I like the way this feels...

Is there something in there?

I think I see it!

Cool! An airplane!!

I know I'm not supposed to eat it, but I have to put everything in my mouth first...just the way I am!

And the wings taste good too! 

No!! Don't take it away Mama!!

Sorry Little Man, but you can't eat your ornament!  I have to display it now :)

Brittan, thanks so much!  You were so sweet to think of Little Man too!  He loves his airplane and I love my SC ornament!

Merry Christmas Y'all! Can't wait to check out what everyone else received!



A Babbling Brunette said...

So glad you liked them and the plane didn't break!! Inwas worried about that hence the crappy packaging! Little man is too cute!!

Cool Gal said...

How wonderful! I love the meaning behind your ornament and "Little Man's" is adorable. Love that it went right to the mouth. Teething, huh?

Fun idea!

MrsAstor said...

What beautiful ornaments (and sweet little mna) sad I missed out on the exchange!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Great ornaments! I love what you sent Brittan too!!

Jackie said...

Following via the ornament exchange! Your little guy is so cute! Loving the ornaments!

Shannon said...

So cute, A! W and GG do so many of the same things!

Thanks for joining us and linking up today! Already excited to co-host again next year!

Suze said...

Awww what cute ornaments and how sweet of her to include an ornament for the lil guy! he clearly loved his ornament too! he he. I adored the SC ornaments since im from SC too! How neat! small world! I cant wait to read more about you and learn from you, a fellow SCarolinian :) yay!

Jennifer said...

Visiting from the ornament exchange. Love the thought that was put in to your ornament. And your little man is adorable :)

Adrienne said...

your little man is so cute with the airplane ornament.