Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Message: Now is the Time!

So that sounds kinda cliche...but now is truly the time to make the changes we want to make!  As I said the other day, I am so ready for a new year and new adventures!  I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for our family!  

This week I will be recapturing the past week of Christmas and New Years!  Hope y'all all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration!

Christmas with Papa and Bippie!

I seriously wrapped most of the presents, but left my mother-in-law's present to the mister.  He is a scrap saver and he proved it by this wrapping job!
Yes...that's a gift bag on the corner right there!  The most creative wrapping award goes to the mister!

On the way, we visited my grandparents.  Little Man loves his great-grandpa!!

and his great-grandma!

My grandfather makes the best cheesestraws every year, and Little Man is just like his Mama...he can't resist them!  He would have one in each hand, and when I went to eat one, he wanted mine too!

When we arrived at Papa and Bippie's house, the mister's cousin came over to give Little Man a present. He loves her so much!  Can you tell?

Bippie loved feeding Little Man bananas.  And he loved eating them!  I think he finished it in 5 bites!

After a wonderful dinner, we all gathered to open presents!  Little Man and Cousin S got to go first!

Little Man with his Blessings Bible

Little Man trying to make S clap again!

They loved all their presents (clothes, a See-N-Say, the Bible) but their favorite was the Leap Frog Train!  Little Man goes around the house now saying, "All Aboard!" as loud as he can!

Bippie getting ready to open the masterpiece :)

We had so much fun spending time with our family!!  We spent the night and the next morning, Little Man actually took his first official step!  We all saw it, but haven't seen another one yet!

Happy Monday Y'all!


Shannon said...

So neat! I love the wrapping job!

That picture of W with wide open mouth is adorable! And just wait...once they start walking you'll be on the move 24/7!

I'll be spending the week recapping Christmas and with New Year's posts too! How fun!

Hope your 2011 is off to a great start!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! Congrats on the first step....whoa what out! ;)
That present makes me laugh!

Cool Gal said...

Oh my, that wrapping job. What a "hoot!"

How nice little man has cousins his age. It will make growing up so much fun!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday season!

Happy New Year!

teacher girl said...

Normally I'd question such crazy & weird wrapping, {even though it's hilarious}, but since he's a Duke fan, it's the best wrapping I have ever seen!! Kidding. The babies are adorable. LOVE all your pictures. :o)

Llama said...

A first step?! Whoo hooo, go little man go!!!
I have to say that wrapping job definitely deserves some kind of award! That is so fun! Looks like you all had such an amazing time! Cheesestraws?! Yummmmmm!