Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{semi} Wordless Wednesday: My Nephew's First Birthday!

 On Saturday, after a visit to Little Man's great-grandparents...

We went to my Nephew S's first birthday party!

We had lots of fun!

This was the wonderful farm animal cake!

Little Man only wanted his Papa to hold him.

But he did let his cousin Sydney hold him for a little while!

Saying the blessing.

Eating the smash cake!

Too cute!

Little Man in his party favor sunglasses!

Getting tickled by his Papa!

We had a wonderful day...and Little Man wanted to wear his sunglasses even more without the lenses!

Little Man really took off walking at the party.  I think seeing all the other kids walking, he just had to join in.  It amazes me the way it happens so fast.  He really seems to enjoy walking, but when he gets tired of it...he's back to crawling!

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flip flops and pearls said...

Thanks for linking up sweetie!!

Ok, I honest to God, have tears in my eyes. When I saw the first picture, it reminded me of my pawpaw. He always wore IZOD (not Lacoste back in his day) cardigans just like that. I KNOW he had that color too. :(

What sweet images. Seth is a doll and look at precious lil man....his smile always makes me smile and those glasses!!! LAWDY thats too cute!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

How precious. Could little man get any cuter? just wondering. I am with daphene with the first pic although it reminds me of seeing pics of my husband with his grandfather who he loved so much when he was little. He is no longer with us but boy does that pic remind me of one we have of them both! Love it!

Llama said...

How fun! What a neat cake! I love those bouncy swings...why don't they make them for adults?! HAHA!