Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Snowed In!

 Well, before we got snowed in, I did some traveling this past weekend.  On Thursday, we headed to my in-laws to celebrate my sister-in-law Lindsay's birthday!  We had spaghetti with the best meat sauce ever (made my my mother-in-law) and hot fudge cake (also homemade!)  It was delicious!

We spent the night there and then headed to Charlotte (because the mister took his college youth on a ski trip).  I got to see one my best friends from college and her son James.  They had lots of fun playing together, and we tried to get them to smile with us for pictures.  When we couldn't get them to smile together, we decided to throw them up in the air and then get a shot on their way down :)

Today, our school districts are closed again, which means no work for me or the mister!  We spent all of Monday cleaning the house, which was long overdue.  We also took Little Man out for a walk around the neighborhood.  Yesterday, we ventured out after the mister got his truck up our steep driveway.  We rented a couple of movies and picked up pizza for dinner!  (By the way, Inception is a great movie, and I would also recommend The Town)  

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Happy Wednesday Y'all!



Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love these images - especially W, in his little Peruvian hat! I would have loved one in that color from Jennifer! She needs to go back and get some more!! Hope y'all have another great day, staying warm at home!

Cool Gal said...

Absolutely LOVE the photo of you and your friend and the boys after you threw them in the air. Your expressions say it all! :)

I secretly (okay, not so secretly) have to laugh at your "snow days." We could be getting the worst blizzard, ice, below zero temps., and wind chills below zero and rarely does anything close. :) Enjoy your day off. They're the best!

Happy Wednesday!

Llama said...

We have a snow day today too! Isn't it just the greatest?! Love the pics of Little Man and The Mister...adorable!
Happy Birthday to your sister in law...that cake looks sooo yummy!

Henley on the Horn said...

What precious pictures! I just LOVE snow days! Stay warm!

Amy Elise said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!! I love them. And not just the two that I took! ;)

Shannon said...

Okay, is W in his b'day suit in that first picture? I am laughing hysterically because I held GG like this once and then she peed all over me! Ha! You are one brave lady, friend!

Such cutie pie pics as always! Heard on the news that out of our 50 states, 48 of them had some sort of snow today. Amazing!

Hope y'all don't have cabin fever too badly! Yum, hot fudge cake sounds scrumptious!