Wednesday, January 19, 2011

16 months old!

 Little Man is really growing up!  I know that in the blink of an eye, he will 18, graduating, and heading off to college.  I'm going with him!  Haha...j/k.  But, right now, I can't imagine ever letting him go!

He is truly the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us, and I can't imagine life without him!

What he's up to:

-He still loves to crawl, but he is starting to walk!  It usually takes some coaxing...but soon I'm sure he'll take off on his on!  

-He loves to blow kisses.

-He's still sleeping great at night and taking a great nap in the afternoon.

-He loves to read books, and that keeps him occupied for awhile in his room if I need to get something done somewhere else in the house.  I know he's reading when I hear, "Wow!" or "Ooh ooh!"

-He loves swinging in his Johnny Jump-up.  If he happens to get fussy, Daddy puts him in the "swing."

-We recently had to decide how to handle him hitting us in the face.  When he would get mad, his first instinct was to hit Mama or Daddy (or even others) in the face.  I did pop him on the hand one time, but felt so bad afterwards, so we opted for time-out.  (And I thought, what's the point of hitting him to teach him not to hit!) We put him in a little hallway between our bedroom and a child's gate.  If he hits us, we put him in there for one minute.  Fortunately, he learned very quickly.  After 5-7 times total of time-out, he hasn't hit either of us in over a week.  Whenever I would go to get him out of time-out, he would lay his head on my shoulder (as if to say I'm sorry.)  Now when he does something he shouldn't, I say, "Do you want to go to time-out?" and he immediately lays his head on my shoulder.  

-He is eating better, but still not great.  He won't really eat any meat, so we still have to give him that as baby food.  He did eat some bacon the other day when I made breakfast, but we realized that he still had it in his mouth 30 minutes later.  He was just sucking on it and not actually eating it.  

-He still loves to dance and has some cute new moves!  He usually just bounces up and down, but he has started shaking his shoulders side to side and wiggling his whole body.  I can't help but laugh everytime. Is that how I dance?  Haha.

-He also likes to sit in "big" chairs and act like he's an adult.  He thinks it's so funny to sit in a chair and laugh when we laugh.

-He also likes to stand in one chair and play for long periods of time.  Sometimes his daddy will lean him back in the chair, which really amuses him.

-He really likes seeing people's skin.  If I'm wearing pants, and he sees my ankle, he'll come lift up my pants and touch my leg.  He did that to his Aunt Ashley when we were visiting them.  She was laying in the floor and her back was showing.  He went over to her and pulled up her shirt and touched her back.  The lady that kept him in nursery on Sunday said he kept trying to lift up her skirt when she was sitting in the rocker.

-Whenever I'm in the floor while he's playing, he loves to climb in my lap and just sit there.  Now that is the best feeling in the world.  He sees me sitting "criss-cross applesauce" and he wants to climb in the hole and sit there with whatever toy he's playing with.  So sweet.

-He likes to pretend like he is talking on the phone.  His jibber jabber sounds like, "Doe, duh, doe."  He always says "Bye" when I'm getting off the phone with someone.

-He still tries to sing the ABC's.  One of his new toys has the alphabet song on it, and he loves to play it and clap and "sing."

-He loves when his daddy sings really loud.  He usually starts screaming, which I think is him trying to sing along :)

-He also likes to crawl into his room, go straight to the crib, and yell for his stuffed animals, "Ee-yah!" (for Eeyore) until we get them out.  One day I had packed Eeyore in a laundry basket for a trip and put it on the coffee table.  I was in my room packing, and I heard a little whimper.  I thought Little Man had really hurt himself because usually he screams, and this was the saddest little cry.  Turns out he was just trying to get Eeyore out of the basket.


-He can pretty much repeat anything we say in his own little baby voice.  I guess because the mister was home so much last week because of the snow, he picked up on our real first names.  The mister is "Blake," and he would repeat me and say, "Bake."  He also said, "Baby" a lot, which is what we call each other most of the time.

-He is really good with two syllable words, but anything over that is still a little hard.

-Some of his favorite things to say are, "Ee-ee" (eat! eat!) "Sna-sna" (snack snack) "Nigh-Nigh" (night night!) and "Go Go!" (when he wants to leave the house)

-His grandmother "Bippie" kept him yesterday, and he learned "Uh oh, Sketti-O."  It is so cute to hear him say that.

-When he wants something, he's getting really good at saying, "Pwees."  We're still working on thank you!

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!


flip flops and pearls said...

I just how how you document all his milestones. I wish blogs had been around my mine were babies. (they weren't were they? 17 yrs ago? lol)

You will look back & read this and wonder, "Where did this time go & how did it go so fast~"

Have a blessed day!
❤ Daph

Mrs. Werginz said...

There are so many different things that made me smile when reading this! I can't comment on each but I love that he sings and dances and pretends to talk on the cell phone and reads to himself! Adorable! My nephew also pockets food in his mouth we find later! haha

Cool Gal said...

I'm with FF & Pearls. I wish blogging would have been around when my son was little. What a great way to journal his milestones and your memories.

He's out! LOL...actually, it's great.

How cute he blows kisses and loves to dance.

Love the words, too. So cute!

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

I'm so happy he is doing so well! That is so exciting that he is doing so many new things! That is so sweet that he blows kisses! :)

Llama said...

I love that Little Man loves books! What more could you wish for! He has accomplished so much!

ernie said...

Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

Shannon said...

Ooohhh! I have to get busy on GG's 18 month post! Shesh! Little W is adorable as always and I'm laughing as I read this because GG does so many of the same things! Don't you just love this age? It wears me out but it's just so much fun!

Hope you're having a great day, A!

Ashley said...

He is growing up fast! That is so cute that he climbs in your lap now. Lilly does that sometimes, too!