Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Message: God Wants Your Possessions

Yesterday was Children's Sabbath at our church, and the little kids sang sweet songs!  They were so adorable... I teared up thinking about when my son will be old enough to be singing up there!  

The sermon continued with the series about God wanting our possessions.  It really made me think about what I have and how I am using it for God.  The real thing that got me was when he talked about priorities.  If you make a list of your priorities in life and really look at it...whatever is in the number one spot is usually something that you are putting above God.  Not only are you putting it above is your God. We truly need to think about our priorities and put God first.  Not only first, but in and among every priority we have on our list.  Something to think about... :)

Hope you have a wonderful start to the week! Happy Monday!

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Shannon said...

Hmmm, got me thinking...and you're right, God should ALWAYS be number one in our lives but often takes a back seat to things we think are priorities! Blogging and having a clean house won't get me through the gates of Heaven, I'd better think about re-prioritizing! Have a great one!