Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do you really need me to come home?

 About a week and a half ago, I walked out to the garage to get something out of my car...and I saw an ENORMOUS spider!  It was about a foot from my car and not moving (not dead either).  I ran back inside to get the Raid, and couldn't find it anywhere.  I called my husband at work and asked him where the Raid was, and he told me he had used it all a few days ago.  So, he told me to get the fly swatter...but there was no way I was making any type of contact with that spider!  I know...I'm a wimp...but I hate spiders...especially big ones!  So the mister asked if I needed him to come home (he works about a 5 minute drive away).  I said, "That would be great."  If the spider got away, I would continuously be wondering where it scurried of to.  So, he did come home.

Thank goodness!  I made him come through the front door so that opening the garage door wouldn't scare away the spider.  He made it to the spider and laughed.  "You think that's big?"

Yes! As a matter of fact, I do!

Anyway... he did kill it (even though it was a wolf spider, and they apparently kill other bugs for us), but I wanted that thing gone!

Well...we said good-bye and he walked out the front door.  About 5 seconds later, the mister walked back inside and said, "You thought that spider was big.  Look at the one on the front porch!"  I walked out and saw this:
Ahhh!! This one was huge!!!

Yuck!! He killed that one too... But, needless to say, I was glad he came home...and through the front door!

And just another side note, as I was walking in through the garage the other night, there was a spider equally as big as the one above crawling on the door and one beside it on the step!  The mister killed those as well.  Not too fond of running in to these things all the time...hoping those were the last I'll see for awhile!

Happy Tuesday...hope I didn't ruin your breakfast :)



Cool Gal said...

Ew...I don't think I've ever seen spiders that big. Almost as gross as my mice. Well, not really.

Have a great day!

Jenny said...

Oh...MY....god. Uhm, yes, I would say those were HUGE!! Ewwwwwwpoejfoilknbfxvb. Now I have the creeps. Just looking at spiders freaks me out!!!

Shannon said...

Yuck! I just killed one of these wolf spiders in our living room last night. These suckers are huge and I'm not a fan either! They don't frighten me, but I'd sure prefer that they found another place to call home. There's no room at this inn for spideys.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

OMG, those are huge!!! I would freak if I saw that!

Kelly said...

Oh my!!! Those are both disgusting and definitely worth having the husband come home to take care of them. I have a huge phobia of spiders so I would have absolutely freaked out to see these...ewwwh!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Make sure to check your covers every night - and W's crib. Haha! Those seriously are HUGE!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

oh my word those things are absolutely massive. I would have been completely freaked out!