Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13 months old!

 I cannot believe Little Man is 13 months old today!

What he's been up to:
He barks like a dog when he hears one barking!
He loves riding downhill in his truck when we let go!
He beeps his horn when we tell him too.
He loves to ring the doorbell.
He still loves his books.  He likes to open them and put them right up to his face before he turns the page.
He likes to play in front of the fireplace, but is getting really good at understanding the words, "No. No."
He likes to play chase with his Daddy in the floor (crawling).
He puts his hands in the air when you ask, "How big is Little Man?" "Sooo Big!"
He loves when I cuddle him up in the towel after his bath and kiss him all over the face!
He loves to brush his teeth and screams if I try to take his toothbrush away.
He loves to pull the cord on the ceiling fan.
He likes to go from person to person.
He likes to close the trunk on the front of his car.
He loves reaching for things.
He likes to chew on the end of Daddy's popsicle sticks when it's in Daddy's mouth.
He likes to taste my Blow Pop when I'm eating it.
He still likes to throw the coaster around, and his little red ball.
He likes to throw his food on the floor and then eat it later.
He likes to get into the cabinets in the bathroom and take out all my lotions and shampoo.
He loves to wave, and then turn his hand to his mouth and say buh, buh, buh.
He loves to swing at the park.  I took him today and he couldn't stop laughing on the swing!
He still eats mainly baby food, but I am determined to get him to eat more table food.  So I started today with a banana. (Yes I have tried before, but he gags!)  So today, I gave him a little chunk of banana on a fork.  He fed himself and then spit it out.  He touched it and made a gross face. Then he tried again and spit it out again.  Then he let me try and he ate it!  He continued to eat, and ate all of the banana that I offered (about half of a banana!)  I am so excited, and can't wait to try other foods soon!

Just to document:
He woke up too early one morning (5:30), and I went and got him and brought him to our bed.  He played around for about 30-45 minutes and then fell asleep between us for about 45 minutes.  It was the sweetest thing!

He loves to babble to himself a lot! His main consonants when he is babbling are "b" and "d."  But he is also saying "MMMa MMa" lots more!
Apple= Ahh+phhhf
Doggy= dig+ee
Beep= dee dee
Uh oh= Uh Oh repeatedly!
Good= Guh
Book= Buh
Go! Go! Go!
Ball= Bah
Yay! (and claps his hands)
Bye Bye!
(I can't think of anymore right now...but will add them when I do!)

Hope you have had a great Tuesday!  See ya tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday from the pumpkin patch! :)



Cool Gal said...

Oh, this all puts such a big smile on my face. So precious. I miss those days so much!

Everything is interesting to a child. Isn't it amazing? I'm laughing about the "toothbrush." One day you will be yelling at him to brush his teeth! LOL!

One of my favorite "swinging" photos is the one of him throwing his head back. You captured his joy perfectly!

He's just so cute!

KJJ Houston said...

Happy 13th months!! Jack stopped liking his swing...so odd! booo