Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Little Man Doing?

5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate...the first one said, "Oh my, It's getting late!"

This is one of Little Man's new favorite books.  He's gotten to where he loves to help turn the page, and he anticipates his favorite parts of the books.

His favorite line from "5 Little Pumpkins" is "Out went the light!"  He always laughs when I read that line, and I'm guessing it's because he loves to turn out the lights when we leave a room.  I tell him, "Turn off the light," and he knows exactly what to do.

Some of his other current favorite things:
  • Throwing the coaster around and watching it go around and around before finally coming to a stop.  We have square coasters and round coasters, but he isn't as fond of the square ones...they come to a hard stop pretty quickly when he throws them.  But Little Man will entertain himself for quite a while throwing the coasters around the room.
  • Going to the guest bedroom bed.  Daddy likes to play with him and wrestle on the bed.  Little Man has figured out that he can fall back and not get hurt.  So he climbs up and stands at the headboard, holds on, and then just lets it go.  He is so trusting that the bed will catch him.  Right when he lands, he laughs, and then waits for Daddy to "get him!"  He then erupts in uncontrollable laughter and wants to do it all again!
  • His new thing is climbing up the couch.  Thank goodness he hasn't mastered climbing onto the couch by himself yet.  If I set him on the couch with me, he climbs up, holds on to the window (we have a cutout between the kitchen and the den) and then plays.  He will bounce up and down and wait for one of us to grab him down.  If he gets tired before we grab him, he completely lets go and falls back.  I'm scared for the day when he does that without one of us around!

  • He still loves to read books, turn on and off the lights, play in his Johnny Jump-up, play "Where's Little Man?" with his night-night (blanket), take baths, play with any kind of water, shake his head, dance, and go on walks in his stroller and his new car!
  • Playing with keys.  That's what keeps him busy while I'm shopping!
  • Playing with the wind chimes.
  • Rocking on the front porch.
  • Waving to everyone.
  • He now drinks wonderfully from his sippy cup.  He loves whole milk too!  He is drinking 3 whole cups a day, but I may have to switch one cup with some juice or something after we talk to the pediatrician.
  • He still loves most every baby food.  He likes Cheerios, Baked Lays, and now maybe chicken!  We still need to work on new textures!
  • Sleeping at night!  He normally sleeps from 7:00 to 7:00 which is great for Mama and Daddy!
  • He loves to talk, and his vocabulary includes: Hey, Dada, Mama, Good (usually without the d), Book (without the k), Uh-oh, and Bye.  Whenever he sees his daddy, he gets really excited and says, "Hey Da. Hey Da!"
Some not so favorite things:
  • Napping!  Some days he still takes two naps, but lately he just sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour in the afternoon and wakes up cranky.  Definitely going to talk to the doctor about that!
  • Sometimes he lets out random cries while he is eating and sleeping.  We don't really know why.  They are actually more scream-like rather than a cry.  If he does it at night, it usually lasts less than 10 seconds.  After a nap...it lasts a long time.  If he's eating, it's in random spurts.  He doesn't do it all the time, but enough to cause concern!  Hopefully we'll figure something out :)
  • When something's out of reach or you take something away.  He lets out a scream, and I just say, "No. No."  He is pretty good at understanding that now.
We love our precious Little Man and are so thankful that God has blessed us with him!

Happy Tuesday!


Cool Gal said...

That's so cute he has a favorite book. How wonderful he has already taken an interest. Love the part about how he turns out the light.

He certainly sounds like a curious little guy which is good. I had one just like that. I could never take my eyes off him. He never understood his boundaries.

Isn't it so precious when they start to talk? Like really talk? Forever you will remember the words he tried to say by couldn't. His own "personal" language.

He's just too cute!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I use to love that book when I was younger. He is absolutely adorable! I cant wait until he starts talking like crazy and to hear about all the stores!


KJJ Houston said...

omg Jack does the same thing...girl it breaks my heart.. as if they are having little nightmares at night when they let out those sceam/crys... SO SAD!!! He does it just for a second and then goes back to sleep but I hate it :( I always tell Kevin (my hubs) what could baby boy really be dreaming of that is bad?!?!? (in a sad voice) and Kev cheers me up by saying he is prob crying b/c Buck (our dog) wont let him pull his tail.. I sure hope its something like that and not about this Ghost that one of our neighbors has hanging from a tree that baby boy is scared to even go near!

Kristin said...

It's amazing how fearless they are isn't it?

Sweet Southern Prep said...

That was W's favorite book for awhile too! I think she's definitely memorized it now. We read it ALL year long too. Don't forget that Raffi sings it. I'm sure you can get it off ITunes. :)

katie said...

Such a cutie!!! And love of books--definitely a teacher's kid--a genius-in-the-making!!!! :o) Love that story too...5 little pumpkins. Have a great Wednesday!

Shannon said...

GG does the random crying thing when she's sleeping too. In fact she does it so often that we've dubbed it, sleep fussing...she's not hurt or anything but just lets out these cries while she's sleeping! Makes me feel better to know others do it too! He's adorable! We love storytime at our house too...Love all the Holiday books out there!